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Skiløperen Bente Skaris karriere.
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September 10, 1972, a little girl called Bente Martinsen was born in Oslo.Her father, Odd Martinsen, was a famous cross country skier and he has won several medals.Bente did not really like cross country skiing when she was young, but her fathers passion inspired her and she change her meaning when she became older.


Later her family moved to Nittedal and when she was about thirtheen years old she really started her training. Odd Martinsen helped her to find the correct teknic so she could be the best in the world, like him. Bente lived in Nittedal to she started to compete.


The first time Norway heard about a good, young cross country skier named Bente Martinsen, was junior NM in 1990. She was 18 years old and maney people thought that Bente could became a world champion. Her impressive performance continued and she won her first gold medal in Milano 1997. Next year it was olympic games in Nagano and she won her first big medal. VM in Ramsau 1999, the big breakthrough become. Bente Martinsen was the best in the world again, she won gold on 5km.


Now her good career really started. She won many medals in every VM / OL and she get several prizes. After a competition in 2003 she said this to a tv team,*I am cheesed to "live in a bag" and be traveling 250 days in a year. I am not motivaited to continue the competition life an I wanted to have a life like normal people*. In August 2004 she get married with Geir Skari and they get a child, little Oda. Bente also change name from Martinsen to Skari.


To day Bente Skari still live in Nittedal and she own a part in her fathers firm, "Finor as" , Thats a firm which sell fischer ski. Bente Skari is very rich and she has three jobs, she work in two different firm called "adidas" and "dag kaas" and she sell fischer. She also think that children are to indolent, so she will establish more activity for them.

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