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Elvis Aaron Presley was born 8 January 1935, in Mississippi.


By the age of 13, Elvis had moved with his family to Memphis, in Tennessee. There he got interested in music, because it was a very musical environment there. In Memphis he got inspired of Rhythm and Blues. He sang in the church choir and he taught himself to play the guitar.




When Elvis was 18, he made his first record (My Happiness), but he didn’t give it out. He gave it to his mother, like a birthday present. This was the start of his career as a singer and actor.

When Elvis was 19 he made his first studio record, which consist of two songs: “That’s All Right” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky”. This record sold over 20 000 specimen. He was one of the first youth idols in the US.




By 1955, Elvis was hitting the charts and electrifying his fans with a new wild style of rhythm and blues that created a new style of music and performance. He often sang others’ song, but he had a totally new style and sexuality. The adults were not positive towards to Elvis dancing. It was a mixture of sex contempt.


Elvis were not only a singer, but he was also an actor. He plaid in 33 movies, but nobody got a big success. Elvis were the first artist that did a breakthrough at the TV.




In March 1958, Elvis was called up to do the army. He was in West Germany in two year before he could come home.


In august, Glady, Elvis mother get ill and died. She only got 46 yeas. Elvis wasn’t the same after the mothers’ death.




Elvis meet Priscilla Beauliev in the army, in 1959. They got married in 1967, and one year later they got their first (and only) child together: Lisa Marie Presley. She was born on February 1 1968.




Elvis with his wife, Priscilla, and his child, Lisa Marie Presley.


In 1973, Elvis and Priscilla got divorced. Elvis had met another woman, Linda Thompson.


Priscilla took care of Lisa Marie.


The dissolution of his marriage concided with a further decline and a alarming tendency to put on weight.


Elvis collapsed onstage on a couple of occasions. 16th august 1977, Elvis died from a drug overdose in his bathroom.


Here is some of the movies Elvis plaid:

Flaming Star, Wild in the Country, Blue Hawaii, Kid Galahad, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Follow That Dream, Fun In Acapulco, It Happened At The World’s Fair, Kissing’ Cousins, Spinout, Love A Little and Double Trouble.


Here is some of the music to Elvis:

In The Ghetto, Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, A Big Hunk O’love, Be Mine Tonight, King Of The Road, Old Sheep, Return to sender, Wooden Heart, Devil In The Sky, Moody Blue. All Shook Up, Always On My Mind, An American Trilogy, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Blue Suede Shoes, Burning Love, Can't Help Falling In Love, Good, Luck Charm, Crying In The Chapel.

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