George Orson Wells

En kort biografi om George Orson Wells - mannen som ga hele USA hjerteinfarkt.
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George Orson Welles was born in Kenosha (Wisconsin), USA. The date of birth was May 6 in the year of 1915. He had an unusual childhood. His parents wanted his older brother, Dickie to become a famous person, he didn’t fit in the parents’ vision of him and he ended up as a bum. Orson become the parents’ new wonder child and that fitted him very well. Even dough this meant that his relationship with other people took damage of it.

He had his scene debut in Dublin, Ireland in 1931 and in 1934 he had become a good radio producer in USA. Welles got a lot of attention in 1937 with a hear play version of Shakespears Julius Cesar. Short time after he and John Houseman made the Mercury Theatre.

The summer 1938 Welles and the Mercury Theatre started with shows with short hear plays every week based on classic and popular writing works. 30th October the show was a version of H.G. Wells “The War of the Worlds”. They made the version like the news show and disturbed a ordinary music program and described the aliens landing in Grovers Mill, New Jearsy. This show made Welles known in the whole U.S.A, the show caused a lot of panic. Mostly all that was listening to the radio show didn’t release that it wasn’t a real news. After this show Welles got an contract on 3 film productions from the Hollywood company RKO.

Welles gave out his first film Citizen Kane in 1941. The film became a big scandal. RKO went down the hill and Welles tried to work in the Hollywood system, but he didn’t managed so he left Hollywood in 1948. He was back in 1958 to make Touth of Evil, but also that movie was a scandale. And then he went back to Europe to produce more films in the director career. But he didn’t have so much money, so he often played in his own films. In his career he won an Oscar and got nominated to 4 other. In 1971 he got an “honour Oscar”.

He died in Hollywood on October 10, 1985.

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