John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Oppgave om livet til og drapet på tidligere president i USA John F. Kennedy.

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John F. Kennedy

John F. kennedy was born the 29th. May 1917, in the city Brookline. His family was catholic and famous in the comuniy. He was stydeing on harvard and become oficer in the army under worldar 2.



In 1953 he married Jaqueline Lee Bouvier. They had three children together, Patrick, Caroline and John jr. Patrick died not long after birth. Many tought this was a perfekt family, but was the family so perfekt? John had a relationship with the actress Marilyn Monroe, but they dident have a future together cause John loved his wife to much.




John F. Kennedy.

John was a American politician from the democracy, in 1960 he was chosen to president.


He was the 35 president in USA, the youngest and the first catholic President. When he was president he had many confliks with Sovjett and Berlin and Cuba, but it was also a very bad relationship betven black and with people. In 1963 John sent solidares to the southern states for pretaction for the black people. 


John is well known for his actions of crises in the cold war. For example the cuba crisis, that could end in atomwar. The 5 august 1963 he sign a deal with Sovjett and Great Britan. The deal says that the two contries can have experiment on atomguns, but just under grown, not in the sea or in the air.


When a new president election was getting close John had desidet to become president again.

Thats why he and his wife was going to Dallas in the state Texas, were hi tryed to win more wotes than before. Kennedy and Jaqueline was in Dallas the november 1963, that become a day that come in the history books and tousan of peopel will remember.


22 November 1963.

That day he was going to talk to the people after he had eaten lunsj. They was not the only one in the car. It was i driver and a securitas man. And the Governor of Texas with his wife. The car was number 2 in a line of 4 cars and 13 motorbikes.


When the car turned in to Elm Street, 2 gunshot was heard. The first bullet went true the back of Johns neck and out and hit the govenor in his back. This bukket dident kill president Kennedy, but the next bullet that come hit the back of Kennedys head and become his death. He was declared Dead 13:00. Same day Lee Harvey Oswald was arested, witness tell that they saw him shot kennedy.




2 days later when Lee Harvey Oswald should be removed to another prison he was shot. He that did this murder was Jack Ruby. Ir went roumers that he to was one of thouse who murded Kennedy, but it will be a mystery.


President Kennedy death create sorrow over the whole contry. tousen of people saw the funeral and more tousen was in the street when his coffin was moved from the white house. His coffin was covered with the flag of America. The funeral was sent to more that 92 contryes. On his grawe it burns a forever fire , that his wife and broders put on it.


John as President.

On the almost three years that Kennedy was president he had been very popular, he was maybe one of the presidents that have been loved the most. Many liked him because of his courage, his persnolaity , his big characteristic leadership and his good preforming on stuff. John was very popular at the black people cause he fight for them and thems case…



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