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Generelt om Madonna, kort og godt sagt om livet hennes og karrieren.
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The famous star, Madonna is well known for her incredible talent in singing and acting. She constantly change into different styles and has a long lasting carrier, 20 years. Her hits and her beautiful look has seduced the whole world. I think she is an facinating and interesting person with an incredible carrier, she have made a fortune and now she own her own record company. This is the reason why I choose her to write about.  

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born in Bay City, Michigan, USA, in August the 16th 1958, as one of eight siblings. She was named after her mother, Madonna Fortin. When Madonna was five years old, her mother died of breastcancer. In her childhood, Madonna enjoyed dansing and music. She played piano, danced ballett, and after some time, she began acting in the theatre. The Ciccone family was catolics, and the children was strictly raised. Madonna respected her father and after her mother died, she tried to help with the household as mush as she could. Her father married after tree years with the housemaid, Joan.

In the year of 1976 Madonna finished high school, and got a scolarship to the university of Michigan. She went to the university one year, and then she went to New York. She lived in New York one year, and tried to job as a dancer. At the start she did not carry out well. She was forced to beg for money. She tried different jobs, she sold donuts and some times she got modeljobs. After a lot of auditions, she finally got a dancejob with the Aluin Ailey and Pearl Langs dancegroup.


Two years later, in 1978, she went to Paris, and joined a show together with the discostar, Patrick Hernandez. Then she met Dan Gilroy, who she started the band Breakfast Club with. She started to play the drums, but after a short time, she began singing.


In the year of 1980, Madonna left the Breakfast Club and started her own band,  Emmenon, also called Emmy. Madonna spent a lot of time on nightclubs and after some time she was dicovered by DJ and producer Mark Kamin. He sent her demoes to the record company, Sire records. The result was a contract. Madonnas first singel, “Everybody”, became a clubhit, but did not acieve top rating on the hit lists.

In the year of  1983 she produced her first album, Madonna. In this album we find the hits, Everybody and Burning up, Madonnas international brake trough was now reality.  One of Madonnas most famous songs, Like A Virgin, came in the year of 1984. This song was one of the top hits in a period of six weeks, and the album scored high on the lists in a period of two years.  

Madonna is also an actress. In the year of 1984 she started to perform in her first film “Desperately seeking Susan”. The filmpremiere in 1985 was not a big success.

On her 27th. birthday, she married Sean Penn. Madonna and Sean Penn played together in the film called ”Shanghai Surprise”. She and Sean Penn divorced in the year of 1989.  

In the year of 1985, Madonnas third album,” True Blue” came out. The album became top hit on the lists, also her new singel, ” Papa Don’t Preach” reached the top of the hitlists. She got the MTV Video Vanguard-price with this album.

In the year of 1987, Madonna went touring in Europe. The fans in Europe was hysterical and her popularity was enourmous.

In the year of 1989 Madonna wrote a sponsorcontract with Pepsi-Cola at a value of five million norwegian kroner. The hit, “Like A Prayer” was the first starhit which where used in a tv-commercial, before it came on the recordmarked.  

In the year of 1995 she got the main role as Eva Peron i the filmmusical “Evita”. The film became a success and aschieved three Golden Globe-awards. The next year, she became pregnant with her boyfriend and personal trainer, Carlos Leon. Madonna gave birth to a little girl and gave her the name Lourdes.

After some quiet years in the musicbusiness, Madonna did a fantastic comeback with the album “Ray of Light”. The first week, it sold 370.000 examples. The week after, it passed four million examples. “Ray of Light” achieved seven MTV Music Awards and three Grammy awards.

In the year of 2000, she met Guy Ritchie. They met in a party and fell in love. Two weeks later, Madonna became pregnant. The day after the birth of her son, Rocco, she released her new single, ”Music”. Madonna and Guy married in Dornok, Scotland the 22nd. of december 2000. They are still married.


Madonna lives now on her property in England, but she also own a lot of properties in New York and in Los Angeles. She has become one of the most respected and admired persons in new time. The way she is and her musical performances is impressive. Madonna passed The Beatles on the list Top5-hits. Only Elvis Presley lies ahead Madonna on this list. She will be remembered the same way as we remember the king of Rock, “Elvis Presley” and the famous group, “The Beatles”. I am impressed by her and i really think she deserve to use the title  “Pop-Queen”.

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