Mahatma Gandhi

Oppgave om hele livet til den indiske aktivisten og ikonet Mahatma Gandhi.
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His Childhood

His real name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and he was born October 2nd in 1869 in Porbandar, India. Gandhi is in fact known liberator, who has done great revolutions. When you hear that you think he's a big and strong man, and don’t care about anyone and anything almost like Adolf Hitler. But in fact he is very shy and embarrassed boy. They said that when he was about to have a presentation at school he hardly went forward. Therefore, he is known under the name `` the big little man``.


In India they follow a cast system, it means that the rich people are most important in the society, and the poor people were not worth to live. Gandhi was born in the shopkeeper class. That mean they were not so rich but not poor. They were respected in the society. Gandhi's family was very religious and kept well of not-violence rule. Gandhi married when he was 13 years old with Kasturba, this time it was normal to marry at that age. Gandhi got five children from her.


In 1888 Gandhi left his family in India, and went to England where he studied law. He got top grades in college and after he had studied done he went back to India. He went back because he would try to get India free from the English capture in.






Return back to India

When Gandhi had finished studying in England he returned back to India. In India he started a fresh start; he got himself a new lady and began to work in a newspaper that was against the English system in India. Gandhi was very good at writing articles about Englishman that had captured India in a bad way. Gandhi wrote also about how they used to make their own clothes of cotton, but when the Englishman came they took the cotton, mead factories, and sold the clothes to the Indians. Even before all the Indians used to wear an Indian sari, which consisted of only one shape, now they began to use several pieces just like the Englishman.




More and more   Indians agreed with Gandhi, remaining that the Englishman took their resources.
Gandhi protest against the Englishmen, but with non-violent way. Gandhi's way to protest was that he said to the Indians that they should also begin to create their own clothes themselves instead of buying them from the Englishman. And he said if you are going to give the Englishmen a sharply signal, you should burn all the clothes that you had bought from them. In a non-violence way.




Gandhi told once when he came home from work, he throw off the English black suit and dressed on his sari. He also used to have on his sari. With the English suit he felt like he was trapped or in a prison, he taught it was more comfortable to use the Indian sari, which consisted only of a piece `` wrap ``. He also nagged about that he always was struggling to eat by knife and fork, and said it was easier for him to eat by his hands.


Gandhi was very angry and looked at the Englishman while they capture India both physically and mentally. Now we have to mead a big change he taught.




South Africa

After that Gandhi had worked as a journalist in India and fought for the Indian rights he later got job as a lawyer in South Africa.


Already on the trip down to South Africa, when Gandhi was sitting on the train he recognized the racial segregation between blacks and the white people. Gandhi had bought first-class ticket, but when suddenly a British man came and said to Gandhi that he had to leave his seat and return back to third – class train. Gandhi told him that he had bought a first-class ticket, but the British man fixed a guard, and the guard threw him out of the train. Whatever if you are the richest, or had bought a first class ticket you have to sit on the third –class train. If you are coloured you are worth nothing, the British law sounds like that.




Gandhi became very angry of this accident, when the Englishmen threw him off the train even thought if he didn’t do anything. In South Africa he began to work as a lawyer, Gandhi became angrier when he looked at the Indian people who didn’t have it well on their job in South Africa. For example the Indians couldn’t walk on the sidewalk whiteout permission from the British. The Indians people had to buy a sheet from the British men, there it stood that they had paid to walk on the sidewalk. The Indians people had to pay for too much things even they where poor, and even thought they hadn’t enough money to eat.


Gandhi became very angry when he saw that, he took all the sheets from the Indians who had bought to get the permission to walk on the sidewalk and burnt theme. The solider began to hit Gandhi, but Gandhi did not care about that and continued to burn all the sheets.


Gandhi became prisoned several times, and sat free again because he hadn’t done anything wrong. When Gandhi came out of the prison, he made several demonstrations’ for the Indians who worked in South Africa. Gandhi fought still in a nonviolent way, more Indians agreed with him and they made pretty big changes about their rights.  But the race segregation was still there and even after 100 years it is still here.


India becomes free

This period Gandhi became very popular. After he had finished his job in South Africa he returned back to India, because he taught India needed to change. When Gandhi arrived to India he was well received, because he had freed all the Indians who worked hard in South – Africa.


When Gandhi returned back to India after all those 6 years he recognized that India had become very poor, and many people died of hunger. Because they where without job, and people where living in the streets.


Gandhi took a trip around in India too see if they had recourse, or something to live on. India had cotton, salt, spices and many other resources, but the Englishman had stolen them all, mead factories and sold it back to the Indians and received money in a very easy way.


Gandhi taught that this recourse was to the Indians, and no one had right to take theme. Gandhi started many big demonstrations against the Englishman, Gandhi said that we are all brothers and they all began to work together, he got whole India with him.


After a period the Englishman went out from India because the Indians would not job anymore at their fabrics or by things from them. They stared many strike demonstrations and later all the Englishman walked out of India.




In 1947 India became free; they got jobs and started to use their resource. Many people started to live a good life, and Gandhi became president for India several times.




His death

In many years India lived in peace and lived a good and healthy life, but later they had to mead new rules and Gandhi started to fight for the Muslims rights in India. The Muslims in India where trampled on by the Indians, and Gandhi did not like that because he always worked for a free and nonviolent India. The Muslims hadn’t the same rights as the Indians in India. Gandhi was not satisfied with that, and later Gandhi began to fight for the Muslim rights.


Many Indians did not agree with Gandhi this time, they where satisfied with that the Muslims had no rights. Gandhi nagged about that the Muslims should have their own country in India, or live as brothers and give the Muslims rights.


There were several parliaments which were against what Gandhi said; however they might not do anything against it because Gandhi had a lot of power in India. The national parliaments could not do anything else except to use violence.


Gandhi went one day to have a meeting with the people, when he stood to greet them, suddenly an Indian with a gun run against Gandhi and shot him on the chest.


India became divided into 2 parts Muslim and a Hindu part, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. This came hard on Gandhi, who had the believe, that all people could live in peace, side by side. In 1948 he was shot and killed by a Hindu fundamentalist. A whole world was in sadness.








My meaning

My meaning about Gandhi is quite simply that he is a hero. He began with himself, he had a difficult childhood he was forced to marry when he was at the age of 13, he was had not been mature either.


Gandhi did all he was able to do to rich his goals; he worked hard for them and never lost the faith in himself. He was fighting for his people, and he didn’t care about his needs. Gandhi didn’t think about money or the metallic things, the only thing he owned was his sari, his glasses, the Indian bible, and his sewing machine that he made his own clothes of.




Think about that, he died like a poor man, even though he was India’s president for several times. He had got India free from the English colonial occupation, and that was the biggest problem.


Gandhi was against violence, and said that the war mead all thing worse. In this project I learned a lot about Gandhi. The most important thing that I learned is to never fail myself even if the whole world is against me. I should not blame on others and take responsibility and last but not least that Peace is Power.




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