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Pop Rock













Name: Thomas Michael Fletcher

Born: 17th July 1985

Role in the band: Vocals and rhythm guitar



Name: Harry Mark Christopher Judd

Born: 23rd December 1985

Role in the band: Drums



Name: Daniel Alan David Jones

Born: 12th March 1986

Role in the band: Vocals and lead guitar



Name: Dougie Lee Poynter

Born: 30th November 1987

Role in the band: Vocals and bass guitar


McFLY, a young band from England has become one of the most successful bands in the UK, newer time. They shoved the Beatles out of the Guinness World of records for the youngest band to ever have a number one on the top charts.


It all started when Tom Fletcher auditioned for the band Busted, but was merely beaten by Charlie Simpson, currently Fightstar vocalist. The manager liked Fletcher so much that he was introduced to James Bourne, the singer, songwriter and guitarist of Busted. Together they wrote many of the songs on Busted’s first album. When Tom met Danny Jones in a pub, playing the guitar and singing to get some extra pocket money, they got together to write songs. The Busted manager liked them and decided to hold auditions to find a bass player and a drummer.


Coincidentally, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter auditioned the same day. Harry, who had just been playing drums for one and a half year at that time, was instantly accepted, his great talents overshadowing all the other drummers that auditioned. Dougie, who was just 15 at the time, was said to be a nervous wreck, throwing up before he played, even rumoured to have shed some tears. Despite the difficulties, he too was accepted.


When the name was to be chosen, Tom made the demand he said he had the right to make. He was the one who made the band, he was to choose the name. McFLY came from Tom’s favourite movie Back to the future, where Marty McFly was the main character.


McFLY’s first appearance on stage was on Busted’s tour late 2003 / early 2004. They were backing up the band Tom previously auditioned for. People instantly took a liking of the band and they rapidly grew fond of them. It led to McFLY being able to play more songs on stage and thus, getting a bigger fan-base.


2004 / Room on the 3rd Floor

March 29th 2004 was a big day for McFLY. Their first single Five Colours in her Hair was released and parked neatly on the top of the charts, staying there for two weeks straight. Not long after, June 2004 their second single was released; Obviously. It also shot right to the top, shortly followed by their first album Room on the Third Floor. The album broke records no one thought would be broken; The Beatles had been the youngest band ever to have a number one album, getting into the Guinness World of record for it. But McFLY pushed them out. Dougie’s young age at the time (15) had its purpose after all.


In September 2004, That Girl, their third single was released, but did not reach number one as the others did. They were beaten by an inch, landing on third. Room on the third Floor, the fourth and last single they released from the first album, reached number five. They also completed their first ever tour known as “McFLY - the tour”.


Awards: McFLY won five Smash Hits awards; Stars of the Year, Best UK Band, Best Album (Room on the 3rd Floor), Best Stars of the year and Danny won the prize for Most fanciable Male.



Room on the 3rd floor


2005 / Wonderland

20th February 2005, McFLY travelled to Uganda to visit the people they were raising money for. They had agreed to join 2005’s official Red Nose Day/Comic Relief project, a programme to raise money for people in need. They agreed to make their first song of the second album, All about you, the official Red nose Day single, all the money going to charity. In Uganda, they filmed the video for You’ve got a Friend, the second song of the double a-side single. All about you/You’ve got a friend. The single was released March 2005, travelling to the top of the charts instantly.


I’ll be Ok, their 6th single was released in August 2005, making it their 4th number one single, their 6th in top five. Only two months later they released a new single, I Wanna hold you. The video had 20 women dressed with blonde wigs while playing violins, which was Harry’s idea. The single reached number 3. The album, Wonderland was also released the same month.


The Double A-side Ultraviolet/The Ballad of Paul K did not have the same impact on people as the other singles released previously. It “only” reached number 9, which is the worst any of their singles has done.


Wonderland Arena Your, McFLY’s second tour held late 2005, and every arena was sold out. They made a tour DVD, featuring many of the songs they played live and also some behind the scenes footage.


Awards: Stars of the Year, Best UK band, Best single (All about you), Best Album (Wonderland). Danny won Most Snoggable Male and Dougie won Top Mop, for his special hair.





2006-07 / Motion in the Ocean

The album name, Motion in the Ocean, came from a discussion the boys had in America while touring there. They were talking about how big the penis had to be to please a girl. One of their American friends said: “It’s not the size of the boat. It’s the motion in the ocean”. They boys found the sentence brilliant and used it as a line in one of the album tracks as well as the album name.



Motion in the Ocean


Early in 2006, McFLY was offered a role in an American movie starring Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine. They had a fairly big role in the movie, playing themselves. The movie was out in the movies July 2006.


Don’t Stop me Now, a cover by the Queens was the official single of Sports Relief 2006. It was released 7th June 2006 as a double A-side along with Please, Please. The songs made number 1, their fifth on top of the charts.  Star Girl is their latest single that reached number one, and was also used in commercials for the movie The Holiday. It was only released to promote the new album, but it got immensely popular and slid up to a comfortable number 1. November 2006, a week after Star Girl had been released, their third album, Motion in the Ocean was out for sale. It didn’t have the same success as the two previous albums had, though it reached number 6, which still is a good position on the charts.


The third release from the third album was a double A-side, Sorry’s not Good Enough / Friday night. It landed on number three on the charts. Friday Night was used in Night at the museum, a comedy movie featuring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams.


Also, in 2006, McFLY completed their second arena tour. It was said to have sold out only ten minutes after the selling started.




In February 2007, McFLY was due to release their new single Transylvania, but they had to post-pone it because they had been offered to go back to Uganda, where they had been with Comic relief in 2005. 7th May was the new date of the release, but they had decided to make a double a-side with Transylvania and a cover of Jellyfish’s Baby’s Coming Back. The single, at the time this was written, has an unknown place on the charts.

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