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Michael Joseph Jackson, son of Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Jackson, was born on 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, U.S.A. Michael had nine siblings: Rebbie (1950), Jackie (1951), Tito (1952), Jermaine (1954), La Toya (1956), Marlon (1957), Randy (1961) and Janet (1966). His father had previously been a manager and now he wished that the children should be well known and popular musicians, but by the time he has been heavily criticized for his strict discipline and their use of physical and psychological pressure on his children. It has also been alleged that he whipped them with belts and other things during the exercises. Michael has since written the book "Moon Walk" that it was difficult to have so many fans in such a young age and that he had to work harder than most kids could imagine.


The Jackson Five
In 1962 the band The Jacksons started playing and the following year, 1963, Michael was the most important man in the band. Even before Michael was 10 years (1968) he secured the group a contract with the record company Motown and changed its name to The Jackson Five. The following year came the debut single out. The following singles were only the top one by one, which meant that they were the first pop group that made all their first four singles in the first place.
When The Jacksons 5 recorded 11 records and sold over 10 million copies,  the contract with Motown was over (1976). Later that year they got a new contract with Epic (Enhanced Programmable ircII Client) and changed its name back to The Jacksons. But because of Jermaine and Michael's solo careers, the group was smaller and less active than in the 1980s and as of 1985, Michael was out of the picture. From then on, it just went downhill for the group and in 1989/1990 it was dissolved.


Solo career begins
Despite the fact that Michael's solo career began in the early 70th and the record companies' desire that he should record his own songs, he still continued in The Jacksons. In 1972 the song Got to Be There, came out. His first solo single, in 1978 he played together with singer Diana Ross in The Wiz. During the recording Michael came in contact with the famed producer Quincy Jones, which would be of great importance to his career in the future. That same year the movie came out, he and Jones made the album Off the Wall. The album has currently sold over 20 million copies and had four top 10 hits. This was the beginning of an outstanding career for Michael Jackson.


In 1980 Michael received a Grammy for the song Do not Stop 'Til You Get Enough, but even if the single sold over a million copies and achieved platinum, Michael was not completely satisfied. Two years later, in 1982, he and Jones decided to make the sequel even better.  Thriller sold over 105 million copies, had 7 top 10 hits and was on the charts for 37 weeks at a time. Michael received amazing eight Grammy for Thriller, which also is the only record that has stood in the first place both at the beginning and end of the year. 

Jackson returns 
In 1995, Michael released the album HISstory: Past, Present and Future - Book 1, which is a double album with 15 new songs and a hit cd. Michael also had his 13 No. 1 hit that year with the song "You Are Not Alone" which is written and produced by R & B star R. Kelly. The album sold about 20 million, which is not surprising in that it started at the top of the charts. 

To trial 
In November 2003, Michael Jackson and Sony launched a new CD. Album Number Ones was a collection of his No. 1 hits on both cd and dvd. On the same day as the disc was released, Michael was summoned to the court case filed in Santa Barbara. He was accused of once again having performed sexual abuse of children and to have served alcohol to the children. But the last time he declared his innocence and the 13 June 2005, he was acquitted on all ten points that were raised against him. 

Michael Jackson is probably the world's best-selling artist with more than 750 million records sold, which is more than himself Elvis Presley have succeeded. He has also produced groundbreaking music videos (ex: Thriller), was awarded a record number of awards and held numerous concerts. In addition, he is the only one who has received two stars on Hollywood's famous Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, it is no longer just about the stories of the brilliant music, dancing, or the incredible records, but hopefully it is that he will be remembered for.

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