Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey's biography.
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Oprah had a pretty tough childhood; she’s been through a lot. As a Child Oprah’s parents left her, so her grandmother had to step in and take care of her. Her grandmother was a very strict lady; she taught Oprah how to read at a very early age. Oprah was extremely smart and talented as a child, she would pretend that she had an audience and just preform for her toys! Later in Oprah’s life her mother reconnected with her, so she moved in with her mother and her two step brothers. Her mother was a very poor lady; she lived in the ghetto, an unsafe place for any child to be living in. Later when she was twelve years old her father got reconnected with her too, Oprah’s father lived in a good and safe neighborhood. Oprah started to speech in churches, and other locations. From that time Oprah knew she wanted to speech as a job.


Oprah’s mother wanted her back, so she moved back to her mother. The environment she was surrounded with was a negative and horrible environment. Her mother worked a lot, and she didn’t have time to take care of Oprah. At age nine Oprah got sexually abused by men who were trusted in her family and some of her family members too. She held all the anger and pain inside of her, she never told anybody. But all of that made Oprah only stronger. Because that gave her courage and made her fight even harder to try turn her life around and pursue her only dream; to speech as a job. And she did it; she’s now one of the most inspirational women alive. She’s extremely famous in the television industry, Oprah have her own talk show called “Oprah Winfrey”. She’s not only a talk show hostess, but a business woman and an actress.


Oprah has been rated amongst the richest and most influential women in the world. One of her known quotes is “you are where you are today in life basted on everything you have believed”. Oprah believed in herself since she was a little kid, and that is what gave her the strength to pursue her passion.

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