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Rowan Atkinson, or Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, was born in a small town called Consett, north west of the city Durham, the 6. January 1955. His parents, Ella May and Eric Atkinson were poor farmers, and Rowan frequently had to help feeding the animals, ploughing the field and helping to dry the hay.


He was educated at Durham Choristers School, followed by St Bees School and studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. After university,  Rowan toured with Angus Deayton as a comedy duo. Their show was filmed for television, and its success allowed him to develop a successful stand-up, writing and radio career. And in 1973 he was offered his own television series by the English television-channel  ITV but turned it down in favour of  “Not the nine o'clock news” produced by his best friend John Lloyd. After a great success with the “Not the nine o'clock news” he was offered a role as Edmund Blackadder, in the show “The Blackadder” in Norway known as “Sorte Orm”. He was also one of the main sketch writers.


Atkinson's other famous creation, the weird Mr. Bean, first appeared in 1988 in a half-hour special for Thames Television. The character of Mr. Bean has been likened somewhat to a modern-day Charlie Chaplin. Several sequels followed before the character transferred to film in 1997. “Bean”, as the film was called, was directed by Mel Smith, his former co-star from “Not the nine o'clock news”.


Rowan Atkinson is a millionaire, and his favourite hobby is fast cars. Atkinson´s got lots of cars, my personal favourite among them is the McLaren F1 which once was involved in an accident.


The reason why I wrote about Rowan Atkinson is that's he is one of my favourite actors . He has got a cool style and he often makes me laugh. And with those words, I end this little “biography”...

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