Tupac Amaru Shakur

Dette er en biografi av den legendariske rapperen 2pac.
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Tupac was born in Brooklyn-New York in 1971. When he was a child everyone called him the “black prince”. When he was two years old his sister Sekyiwa Shakur was born. Tupac stepfather Mutula Shakur was a black panther, few months before Sekyiwa birth Mutula was send to prison for 60years for fatal armored car robbery.


With Mutula away, the family experienced hard times, no matter where they moved. Tupac was distressed. He said “I remember crying all the time. My major thing growing up was I couldn’t fit in because I was from every where”.


When he was twelve years old, he discovered his love for acting, writing love songs and poetry. As a young teen his family moved to Baltimore, where he started study acting and ballet. After a while he moved to Oakland California with the rest of his family and unable to continue his studies.


At age of fifteen he fell into rap, he wrote lyrics and making his background in New York. Tupac called him self MC New York and made people think he was a tough guy.


When Tupac was 20years old he had been arrested eight times. Tupac joined the rap group Digital Underground as a dancer and rapper. Digital Underground was a success with Tupac. Shortly thereafter Tupac released his first album”2pacalypse now” with hit single “Brenda’s got a baby” launched his career like a rocket. Tupac`s talent for acting got him a role in picture called “Juice”


In 1993, Tupac released his second Album called “Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.” with the hit single called “keep ya head up”. Tupac was nominated for American music award as the best new rapper/hip-hop artist.


In 1994 Tupac starred in the movie called “Above the rim”. A popular song from the film is “pol a little liquor”, recorded by Tupac`s new group called thug life.


On November 30th, 1994 Tupac was shot 5times in a recording studio in Times Square. There are many theories on what exactly happened. Here is one of them: Tupac saw three men come in to the building. He knew biggie was there and felt safe. Biggie was Tupac`s best friend, he used to go along with Tupac to his concerts and rapped there with him. Tupac taught that these men where his security the three men started to follow Tupac. When they got to the elevator they pointed there guns on Tupac and yelled “Give up the jewelry, and get down on the floor”. Tupac got on the floor quickly but he went for one of the guns and in the struggle he was shot 5 times while his manager was shot once. Tupac was dragged into the elevator and taken upstairs, where he saw well know persons including Biggie and Sean “puffy” or better known as P.Diddy. Tupac described that it was a strange scene.


He said that nobody even got up to help him but only stared at him as if they were surprised he was alive. Tupac called his girlfriend and then the girlfriend called her mother and then her mother called the police. The robbers got of with 40000dollars worth of gold. Tupac never directly blamed Biggie in the shooting, he said that they were friend, and they never warned him about what was going to happen. The very next day he surprisingly showed up in a Manhattan courtroom, he was sued for sexual assault trial. He was send to prison for 4 years.


In 1995 Tupac was realized at over 1milliondollar in bail. When he came out of prison he called him self Machiavelli the don. Tupac answered his critics by releasing his best album “All eyez on me” witch sold over 6million copies. After a while Tupac released his second best album called “Me against the world”.


On September 7th, 1996 Tupac was shot in Las Vegas. Suge Knight who was Tupac`s manager and the owner of recording company called death Row. That night Tupac went too see the fight between Mike Tyson and Bruce Sheldon in the MGM Grand hotel. Before they left the hotel Suge Knight told Tupac to wear a bulletproof west but he didn’t listen. Tupac, Suge Knight and his bodyguard went to Death Row Recordings club to celebrate Mike Tyson’s win. At 23:10 a white Cadillac came up next to the car and opened fire. They fired 13 shots and 4 of them hit Tupac, while Suge Knight hit once. Suge turned the car and headed against the hospital but the police stopped them. They took Tupac to the University Medical Center. Sadly Tupac died 13th September 1996.


Shortly after Tupac death, Death Row released his album “The Don Killuminat”. Death Row and Tupac`s mom have released many albums after Tupac`s death. His final film was “Gang Related”.


Some people believe that Tupac faked his death and is still alive: they called it the 7 day theory.



His Poetry

Tupac Shakur was an active poet and a member of “The poetry Circle “. Here is one of his poems.


Ambition Over Adversity

Take one’s adversity learn from their misfortune learn

from their pain believe in something believe in yourself

turn adversity into ambition now blossom into wealth.

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