Yasser Arafat`s history

Dette er en biografi om Yasser Arafats liv fra fødsel til død. Skrevet i 9. klasse.
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Arafat was Politican and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). And in 1946 he was elected to the new president.


And in 1996 he was the fifth of seven children born to a palestinian textil marchant on August 24,1929. Many think`s that Arafat was born in Jerusalem, however, really he was born in Cairo, Egypt. Actually some disclosed that the KGB had invended a background for Arafat with a birthplace in Jerusalem. I think the KGB did this because they wanted that people should think on Arafat like a holly person.

Arafat`s childhood was divided between Cairo and Jerusalem, where he lived for four years with an uncle, because the death of his mother when he was only five.


In 1947, when Arafat was 18, he started studied engineering. It was during his college years that Arafat adopted the name "yasser", which means "easygoing" in Arabic. One year later he left the unversity and, along with other Palestinians, sought to enter Palestine to fight for Palestinian independence. After running the universty, Arafat joined the muslim broderhood and served as president of the union of Palestinian Students in two year`s(1952 to 1956).


After the Suez war, Arafat mouved to Kuwait , where he found work as an engieer and eventually set up his own contracting firm. It is not acually the first thing you are tinking about ; Arafat like a engineer. Like me, I think you connect Arafat with terroism, a thing who not are so strange. Because on the 70`s source assered that Arafat stood back many hijacking`s. People most said that " it was Arafat who made up the terroism", but he has alter his work method to a dimpliomatic method for to make peace on the middel-east conflict. In Palestin he was , and he still is a person who mean so much for them, because of his changeing .

-Some of them colud sacrifice them`s life for him.


He signed the peace agreement with Israel in 1993. And just one year later; In 1994 Arafat shared the Nobel Peace Prize for peace efforts with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.


For the last serveal year`s of his life he was in failing health and rumored to have Parkinson`s Disease.

His conditioned worsened in october 2004 .Israel agreed to allow him to be transferred to a hospital in Paris on October 29. Where his wife stayed by his side.


Arafat died Noveber 11.2004, at age 75.

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