A heart that's fading away

En liten gutt gråter i det stille.
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At this exact time in a town far, far away, a little boy is crying silently. No one ever notice the tears rolling down his face or the sadness in his eyes. His heart has almost no colour anymore, it’s fading away. He has no friends, no family, no home. When the big shadow called night raps his body in darkness, he has no bed to sleep in. This little boy does not know the meaning of happiness, only sorrow makes sense to him. The only creature on earth that notice the tears, is a little fairy placed by his side, night and day. With her black wings, she flies around the little boy and whispers in his ears. But the words he hear does not put a smile on his face, they make his heart fade a little more. You’ve probably heard about fairies before, good ones, with glittery wings in all sorts of colours. This fairy is not one of those, this is an evil fairy, with a body like an angel, the wings of a bat, and eyes filled with hate! She picks out her victims, and kicks them when they’re down.  She keeps on kicking till there’s no more left to kick. The hate she feels she passes on to innocent people, so that they will feel the way she does.


This time her victim is a little boy, with a heart that’s fading away.  


As he picks up a coin from the ground, the fairy whispers: “That’s not yours. You’re stealing. You’re evil.” So the little boy puts the coin back were he found it, and walks away. He begs for food all day long, without any luck. Hungry and dirty he walks up and down every street he can find. Just so that he won’t feel how sick he really is. Suddenly the boy feels a raindrop on his nose, and run for the nearest roof. He finds a dry spot outside a night club, and sits down. But ten seconds later, he stands up and walks out into the rain again. As the rain roles down his face, the fairy smiles happily beside him. The boy suffers again, and the fairy’s eyes lights up.


Days pass by, weeks, and the boy’s heart fades a little more. Every day he doesn’t eat, every time his feat gets another scratch, the fairy’s eyes lights up. For every suffering the little boy goes through, a smile is seen on the fairy’s face.


One morning, as the sun rises and the first flower of the year is seen, a smiling fairy flies around, happier than ever.


As the sun rises and the first flower of the year gets picked, a little boy cries silently, for the last time. His heart has faded away.

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