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The BBC is considered to be the longest established and largest broadcasting corporations in the world. It was the first national broadcasting corporation ever, when it was founded on the 18th of October in 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company Ltd. By many the BBC is perceived as one of the world`s most serous media corporations with its independent and neutral point-of-view.


The BBC offers a huge range of services from television and radio to internet. BBC One and BBC Two are the corporation`s main TV channels, but though out the years they have also laughed a number of digital station such as the BBC Three and BBC News Channel. BBC Worldwide is the corporation`s subsidiary company, which are mainly responsible for a wide variety of commercial activities; like for example activities connected to the production and public purposes of the main BBC. In addition, The BBC Worldwide is the owner of a series of channels; among others BBC Lifestyle, BBC Entertainment and BBC World News. The company`s work also include investment in television production, and it often provide supplementary budget for BBC productions in return for several commercial right to the programs. BBC Worldwide is also responsible for other areas within the enterprise like for example international programming sales and distribution, book and magazine publishing, and DVD and VHS releases.


Reliable and independent news coverage is one of the things BBC is most known for, and the corporation has also achieved a solid reputation for its quality dramatizations and TV series. What`s more the BBC`s many series have made an immediate impact, especially the innovative scientific programmes and the literary adoptions of 19th centaury works by for example Jane Austen. How come BBC has become so successful and popular? Can it be a result of how BBC is administrated, and its morals and values?


BBC`s mission is to enrich people`s lives with programmes that educate, inform and entertain, and their vision is to be the most creative organisation in the world. Their values and their ability to stick to this values are important for the corporation`s success both nationally and internationally. Trust is the foundation of the BBC, seeing they are open-mind and objective, independent and honest. The BBC places their audiences at the centre of everything they do, and they take pride in delivering values and quality for money. It is a multicultural corporation which utilizes its cultural diversity to be creative and this again makes it possible for everyone to do their best.


In order for the BBC to fulfil its mission to educate, inform and entertain its audience the Royal Charter, which is a document signed by the monarch to guarantee BBC certain rights, and the BBC agreement has set up six public purposes. The BBC work to sustain citizenship and civil society, by offering high-quality news, truthful programs and current issues. By doing this BBC hope to invite debate and engagement to build up under growth within the society. To educate the UK population, and also the world`s, is one of the main area of BBC`s contribution. Through supporting of colleges and schools the corporation wish to engage learn and expanding of knowledge within a wide range of subjects. BBC also encourages participation, awareness and engagement within the areas of creativity and cultural diversity, and are working to break down barriers between different cultures and communities especially in the UK. By doing this they want to reduce prejudice and xenophobia, and encourage people to become involved in their local communities. BBC offers wide news coverage, by offering both national and international news, and works to boost globalisation. The corporation works for everyone in the UK to get the best of up-and-coming technologies.


It is hard to point at only one facture to explain BBC`s success and popularity, because it can merely be a result of BBC`s ability to interact all their purposes to create a open-minded and including concept with a wide variety of programs ranging from news and documentaries to soup-operas and dramatizations. Something for everyone`s taste.

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