Beskrivelse om fotball. Grunner for hvorfor det er bra.
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One boring sunny day in a weekend I stay indoors and try to find out what I can do this boring day. I think out that I can go outside and play football with my friends.I grab the phone from my desk and start calling my friends,and ask them if they will play football with me.I call 5-6 friends and everybody say ”yes”.


Many says that football is a boring and stupid sport.My friends says that football is the best sport,and I agree with them. Football is not a necessary sport/game to liviving a good life,you can live a good life without football,but you can live a rich life with football.Kids in some pore continents are driming like me, to be a football-star.Many`s dream come true!!


When I was 5-6 years I started playing football for V.i.f.. At my first match I scored 7 goals, that was funny!! After that day I have never quit with football. And with the years I have been better and better. And my big dream is to be a football star!!!


Do you know the reasons?? If not I will give you some facts out from that I have written...


1:Its funny.

2:It`s not dangerous.

3:You can be rich.

4:If you are pore you can get out from there.

5:You can have what ever you want!!!!

6:You can help the poor people.

7:Have fun on work!!!

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