Topics for writing: Choose one of the tasks on pp 17 - 18 in workbook. Write at least 350 words. Kommentar fra lærer: A nice little text on friendship, impressive vocabulary and expressions, but try to write more and use larger letters.
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What is friendship all about? Can you tell your friends your deepest secrets? Do you know your friends thoughts and feelings?

Friendship is all about trust, feelings, thoughts and secrets. If you have friends you can't trust, drop them. They are not your friends if they go behind your back, and tell your secrets. How to find out you have fake friends:
1. Do your friend lie to you? If yes, it's not real friendship.
2. Can you trust your friend? It is very important to trust your friends.


Friends are hanging out with each other, and doing stuff together, like go to cinemas and have deep conversations about everything. You can tell all your secrets to your friends, with no worries that they will tell them to any other person. Everyone needs friends, you can't live without friends, and you can treat good friends like a diary. When you have told your secrets, it’s just like you are putting a padlock on each other


A friend does not always need to be a person you have known all your life, it could be someone you meet one your vacation or someone you meet on the Internet, anyway the most long lasting friendships, are not at all times with the friend as you see as your closest..  But I wouldn’t say Internet friends who you never had met, was in the same category as friends you known very well.


The definition of a friend: A person one knows well and is fond of. An ally, supporter, a faithful companion. A keeper of secrets. A person with whom one can laugh or cry, share hopes and dreams.


I would describe a friend as one you can talk to about everything and one you can have fun with. A friend can also be a person you don’t have to say a word to. Sometimes you can just sit and be quiet. It is very important to take care of your friends, so you don’t lose them. Friends are there for you all the time. You and your friends can talk for hours when you first start.

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