Growing up with expectations

Tentamensoppgave i engelsk om hvordan det er å være ung.

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Peoples problems and their way of solving them, is in great interest to us. Almost all of the books, movies and songs we watch, read, or listen to, are all about challenges. A challenge could be everything from finding a date, doing well at school, to fighting in a war or climbing a mountain. But why are challenges in such a great interest to us? I guess there are many reasons for this, but one of them is probably the fact that anything is possible. We humans need something to believe in, and other peoples little or huge miracles gives us that.


All around the world people are struggling, and facing fears. For example: one of Japans biggest problems is mass suicide. In other parts of the world you have hunger, deceases, and unemployment as great problems. In the middle of all this, you have those who help others, someone who makes miracles everyday. Doctors, policemen, firemen, they have all dedicated their lives to save other people. This is where we come in, the youths. It is in our youth we are expected to choose the right thing to do.


As a teenager you meet many challenges, and you are supposed to solve them on your own. You have to study hard, because you need a good education. You have to test out many things, do mistakes over and over again, and you have to do more at home. You are scared to fail your exams, but you somehow always forget to do your homework. You have to work, but you only want to have fun. You want to do the same as your friends, you want to fit in. That is the biggest challenge for many young boys and girls. Somehow it is always about if you have got the “looks” or not. Why is it this way? Why are we so obsessed by what “they” think?


If we start with what we see on tv, it is easy to find role models. Most girls walking in the streets, are almost as Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria etc. impersonators. These names are known to all of us, why? Because they are rich, play in movies, sings, and look good. This is what young girls try to look like, and for some reason we do this to find ourselves, but how can we do that when we are looking just like someone else? So much for nothing, we should really just focus to be US not THEM. And in this look a like “doings”, we are supposed to grow, to develop into a grown up. Who said it was easier to be young?


It is not just girls who have problems to solve boys want to look good to! How can you not think about how you look when you see Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom everywhere? You have boys that take drugs to look more “fit”, but these drugs are in fact illegal. So you can get in to really big trouble, just because you want to look nice.


More and more of the boys get eating disorders, and they work out every day. The differences between boys and girls behaviour, are getting smaller. Male, female, gender does not really matter we mostly have the same problems. And it is almost a little bit funny, because it is all about having the opposite sex to find us attractive. The fact is that the inside counts more than outside in the end.


Back to education, who do you want to be in five, maybe ten years? Are you a painter, or a scientist? It is really your decision. But you will need education to get the dream job, the “looks” will definitely  not give it to you.


Someone grow up to be a charity worker, others grow up to be a drug dealer. It is up to you to decide what is right or wrong.

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