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Gun Control has been a big debate that has been brought to the public and political media in recent years and is very controversial. Gun Control has been controversial due to the 2nd Amendment, school shootings, and political views on the problem. Loose regulations and wide access to guns in the USA lead to more than 39,000 gun-related deaths yearly, Canada on the other hand only has roughly 249 people are killed by gun/gun violence each year (Statia, 2018). Americans are therefore divided when it comes to the issue of gun control. 60% of the American people want stricter gun laws (KATHERINE SCHAEFFER, 2019, s. 1) because they claim that stricter laws will lead to fewer school shootings and believe that it's too easy to obtain a gun. The remaining 40% and the NRA think that the laws are about right or that they need to be less strict. They look at the gun as a sort of protection. 60% of the American people believe that gun control decreases crime. If gun control is regulated, then there will have less crime. Easy access to firearms makes killing easy and efficient, which increases the lethality of crime. On the other hand, the NRA and the remaining 40% still believe that the gun laws are advantageous as they are. 

People don’t feel safe. The majority of the American people want a stricter gun law. Having more gun control means stricter laws and more security. The main goal is to prevent potentially dangerous or mentally ill individuals from obtaining guns. This also means limiting the type of guns you are allowed to buy and own. But why would the U.S. need that? Well, 60% of the American people want a stricter gun law, they want this to feel safe. As of right now most of the American people don’t feel safe. According to statistics, 39 thousand Americans die from guns each year. Canada, the U.S neighboring country has 250 Canadians killed by guns each year. Canada has roughly 38 million citizens, and out of those, there are over 20 million licensed gun owners (thegunblog, 2021, s. 1). Canada has a far better gun policy which leads to fewer deaths, this portrays those stricter laws do help.

As a consequence of the Florida school shooting Emma González had a speech about gun control/gun accessibility. “Well of the people who let him buy the guns in the first place those at the gun shows, the people who encouraged him to buy accessories for his guns to make them fully automatic (…), HE WOULD NOT HAVE KILLED THAT MANY PEOPLE WITH A KNIFE” (Emma Gonzalez speech, 2018). These are two parts of Emma González speech about gun control. Emma González is a survivor of the Parkland Florida school shooting and now speaks about gun control. One factor that is mentioned, is that it’s too easy to access deadly weapons. And that is true. The NRA has publicly stated that “most mass shooters, including those inspired by Islamic terrorist groups, pass background checks to acquire firearms” (NRA, Date Unknown). This substantiates Emma González point about it being too easy-to-get guns. She also talks about how the murderer would have not killed as many people “with a knife”. This statement is directed at the NRA, one of the NRA slogans are “people kill people, guns don’t” (Henigan, 2019, s. 4). Michael Moore also substantiates her point in his documentary Bowling for Columbine (Michael Moore, 2002, 5. Nov). At the beginning of the documentary (1:54), he shows how easy it is to obtain a gun, for free. He shows the process and proves that the background check system is bad. The system is straight forward and it’s easy to lie. If the background check gets improved, fewer people don’t qualify for getting a gun. If fewer people own a gun, it will lead to fewer crimes and shootings. 

Conversely, the NRA and the remaining 40% still believe that the second amendment and the gun laws are good as they are. The second amendment declares; “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” (Constitution Center. 1789). The second amendment). This means that everyone can own a gun if they pass the background check. The main purpose of the NRA is to promote the purchase and safety of firearms and the protection of the Second amendment. This goal is accomplished through classes that are taught by the group on gun safety or hunting and are shown through advertisements. NRA is a single-issue group, that means they cannot accomplish much and the ones who advocate them must have passion for the group and create success. Zed Nelson’s documentary “Gun Nation” (The Guardian, 2016.) is a documentary about the people who advocate the NRA and own guns. These people share their opinions and arguments their main argument is to protect yourself or your friends and family from a bad guy. The gun is the equalizer or the superior in a conflict. One of the interviewees that own a gun shop says; (23:50); “I mean, I hate seeing the shootings happen, but they are good for business”. She mentions this because when shootings happen people get scared and when people get scared, they buy guns to protect themselves. People use guns as a form of protection because they are scared or enjoy shooting in general. 

Taking everything into account I can conclude that both parties have some valid points. That the majority of the American people want stricter laws because they don’t feel safe. And that the gun owners want guns because they are scared or like shooting at targets or hunting. Whereas their main point is “protection”. The right to protect yourself from a bad guy. Consequently, both parties present good arguments, and it is hard to pick a side, as a neutral.  

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