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What are hateful messages? Well that is what we are discussing today! Hateful messages or comments are mostly rude messages who is directed at someone or something. If you see or hear someone getting hateful messages/comments, do not be afraid to help, be a helping hand and help the person who is getting those comments. The easiest way to respond to hateful comments is just to ignore them, if you give the hater attention, they will think it is joke, at this point they will never stop commenting hate. But if you insist of saying something back make sure not to be as rude, your no better if you do such thing. On mostly all social media platforms there is a block and report button in case something happens, reporting and blocking someone is the best solution and a good choice, just one block and they might be gone forever. 

If the hate messages or comments are getting brutally serious tell an adult or someone you truly trust. sometimes the hate can get violent and many people decide to keep it for themselves, if you experience violent hate messages you have all the right to notify the cops and tell them, make sure you have some evidence as well, it’ll make it easier for them to take care of the situation your in. Try not to be as rude as possible, if the person behind the screen who is sending those messages sees that your getting irritated or even angry, they will keep going until you give up. 

Try to be as nice and polite as possible, that will make the hater angrier because you did not show that you really cared about what they said. Showing them that you do not care will eventually be no fun for them, which will let up to them giving up and letting you or the person who got this message alone. In these kinds of situation you have all the right to defend yourself, but keep in mind, not everything works out without help, if it’s a kind of rumour hate comment I’d advise you to tell someone that can have your back.

Knowing the main reason for why people write hate comments to each other is not easy to find out. Everyone has their reasons yes, but why? It could be because their bord, boredom can make you do almost anything to entertain yourself. Another mainly reason is that mostly people who give hateful messages aren’t satisfied with themselves or who they actually are, therefor they give others hate messages and try to see the worst in people to make themselves feel better about who they are as a person. 

The people who mostly give hateful messages aren’t satisfied or even pleased about themselves as I said, or overall they have a meaningless life so therefore they try to add some ‘’excitement’’ by starting drama, that’s the conclusion of hateful messages. That is still no excuse for giving hateful messages, but someone might start using it as an excuse. It has nothing to do with freedom, even if you have freedom it does not give you the right to make others miserable. 

You can’t’ say whatever you want wherever you want, there’s rules on how much of your meaning you can say. If you know your meaning stands out for the others in a rude way, I advise you to keep it to yourself instead of sharing it with the others. Our right is not to be offended by anyone in general, therefor not everyone should say what they want, not even if you have the right to. In these kinds of situations and discussions our right not to be offended is way more important then our freedom, freedom does not give you the right to say everything. 

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