Is religion a way to control people?

Mine egne tanker rundt hva egentlig religion brukes til.
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Imagine you are a great leader, or emperor of some kind 2000 years back in time. You are an ambitious leader and desperately need the power of controlling to get the big things done. How would you get regular people to listen to you? How can one single man get thousands of people listen to you and obey your rules?


If we go way back in time, to the age of the ancient Egyptians, we can clearly see that they had to control a big amount of people to accomplish what they did. Do you think its possible to build the pyramids of Giza or the great Sphinx without mind control? From where I stand, I can only think of two answers only. Religion or fear.


The ancient Egyptians based their religion on the sun & the stars. In the beginning, the ancient Egyptians, used the word God for the sun. The night was dark, scary and cold, and was way more dramatic in those days than now. After a long cold night the sun (or God) awakened and gave people light, heat, and they quickly knew that plants, fruit and vegetables could not grow without the sun. The main source for life is the sun, and if there is a maker, it would be the most sensible thing to call the sun a God. The great rulers of Egypt saw what passion people had for the sun, and how they worshiped it. Wouldn't any great ruler that seeks power want this attention pointed at him? So they gave people something to believe in. All the first gods are often refereed as the god of the sun, and of course it was only the rulers who had the stories about them, knew how to worship them, and how you should behave yourself if you wanted to get close to them. Of all the gods the Egyptians worshiped over time, there is one that's quite remarkable. Horus the Elder. Horus was a sun god, a fact confirmed five centuries before our own era by a Greek historian Herodotus. Horus was not just a God of the sun. The ancient Egyptians referred Horus as the sun, not a god of the sun. Horus was the sun, the light and was the good one who saved us from the darkness or Seth “the prince of darkness”. So the reference between good and evil is already in use so early on in human history. From my point of view, you need some kind of evil to maintain the belief of something good. To get a large amount of people to obey the rules of the religion, it had to be consequences for those who didn't obey.


“We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that. I think religion stops people from thinking. I think it justified crazies” - Bill Maher


Why do certain people seek religion in the first place? Isn't life itself good enough? Do people have to seek better life after death? Do we need to have an answer to everything, and that answer is that a spiritual being in the sky made everything with his bare hands? I think it lay in humanity's nature to ask questions. In fact that is a good thing. You should never trust what other people tell you. Remember no matter who it is, he/she is just like you, and always question everything. Base your opinion on facts, not fiction or things you have been told. Science has learned us that we can find out how, why or what as long as we can find proof. If there is proof it can exist. Does any type of religion give you any type of thrust wordy proof?


“The origin of life, is when God decided to make the human being. He now sits on a cloud watching us. All of us. At the same time. 6.8 billion human beings to be exactly. And to avoid world conflict he made a list of things you should absolutely not do, and if you do, you should be sent to the deep fires of hell, where you shall be tortured, and burned to all eternity. But he still loves you. God loves every human being no matter what. And he needs money. Lots of it” - George Carlin.


Lets look at the biggest religion in the world. Christianity. First of all, the whole religion is based on the ancient Egyptians beliefs. The Egyptians god Horus had a virgin birth, had 12 disciples, was born between 21-25th December, could walk on water, performed miracles, was betrayed by one of his disciples, died and resurrected. Also if you take a closer look at other religions or mythologies you will find these stories. Example: Krishna, virgin birth, raised dead, carpenter son, persecuted, crucified, ascended to heaven, thousand years before Christ. Is this just coincidence or did they see a method of control that really worked?


I really do understand that certain people would follow this, and worship this. I think all human beings, wish for something more. A better life. An answer to it all. Every religion that exist supports this. Every religion promise a better life after death if you just behave yourself. Every religion has a so called answer, but also every religion wants to hold the science & technology back, and live the simple life. Is technology & science a threat? I think not. Why do religious groups think so? Why are they so afraid? Can science & technology prove something they don't want us to know?


In conclusion, I know there is many ways of controlling people, and the big leaders of the world need to control people. To rule the world you need to rule over the people. To rule over the people you have to have big answers. If you have the support of the people you can accomplish great things, and when religion doesn't work, spread some fear instead.


Terrorism (definition) – calculated use of violence (or threats) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature. This is done trough intimidation or installing FEAR.


It is now time for you to make our own opinion in life. Use your own brain, and not let others use it for you. Question everything. And if you dint think that religion is right. Do something about it. Most people think that one single person can't do anything about it after all, so why bother? That is probably right, but if everyone think so nothing will happen. It's time to focus on more important things than unseen Gods in the sky, miracles, salvation, garden of eve etc. The focus should now be on our planet, that is slowly dying because of mankind, and I can assure you, when the time comes no God will ever help you.


“The world will never be a beautiful place before the power of love overcomes the love of power” - Jimi Hendrix.


Sources:,, my own mind & thoughts.

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