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Why are mobile phones so popular? Why must everybody have one?

Mobile phones are very popular nowadays. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and some people change their phone many times a year.


Mobile phones are very practical. Anyone can contact you almost everywhere at any time, and you can contact anyone at any time. But is this only positive? What if you do not want to talk to the person who calls? Well there is an “off”-button on your phone!  And what if you are expecting an important call, and someone you do not want to talk to phones you at the same time? Then you can just press a button and the one you do not want to talk to gets a busy tone.


In an emergency situation it is safe to have a phone. If you have an accident, for instance, you can just call for help, and if you are far from people and something happens, you can just call for help. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to trust your phone. If you are going up in the mountain and say to your self,”if something happens to me, I can just use my mobile”, you get a false feeling of safety. It is not sure you have connection in the mountains. What good does it do to bring your phone if there is no connection?


The mobile phone is very handy. It has a built in calendar and the phone alerts you when you have to remember something. It can also show the time, be a calculator, a stop watch, you can save phone numbers in the phone book and you can surf on the internet. I find it very handy. It is also funny! If you have nothing to do, you can play games on it and compose you own ring tones.


There are some experts and scientists who say that radiation from mobile phones may be damaging to your health. According to them you may get a brain tumour. We do not want that, do we?  I read about a man who got a brain tumour because of his mobile phone, and he sued the mobile company for damages. Luckily there are very few who get cancer because of mobile phones.


Mobile phones can be very irritating. When you are on the cinema it is very irritating when someone’s mobile phone rings in the middle of the movie. It is also very irritating when you are sitting on the bus and someone is talking loudly on the mobile phone. My grandmother told me about a time she took the tramway. A girl sitting close to her was talking loudly to someone on her mobile. She talked for a long time. The entire tramway could hear her. When the girl was about to finish her talk, an older lady sitting opposite to her lent over and told the girl to say “hello” to her friend from her. “What, do you know Lise, too??” “No”, said the old lady,”but after having listened to you conversation I feel like I do”!


Mobile phones can be very expensive. When you buy a new phone you want the best and the newest one. You can choose between: colour screen, infrared, Bluetooth, wap, MMS and polyphonic ring tones. If you want all of these qualities in your phone it will be very expensive. The stores try to fool us by giving us “good” offers like, “this phone costs only 1 kroner”, but then you have to pay for a 12 months subscription which costs 100 kroners a month and then it is not cheaper at all. It is also very expensive to call and send messages. Some people get dept because of too much mobile use.


Even though there are lots of arguments against mobile phones, I think it is a very smart and handy invention. And mobile phones are here to stay!

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