Morning reflections

Refleksjon på morgenkvisten.
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When I woke up this morning, my first thought was ”should I go to school today?” A pretty normal thought for me these days, but still a dangerous thought. I need to think of the consequences it may bring if I don’t attend to school. They are many, but not particularly obvious right after I wake up.

When my eyes suddenly open in the morning, the focus is on other things. Well, I probably don’t focus on anything at all and that’s perhaps the problem. The delightful feeling of being half awake and half asleep (I usually stay in this state for about 10 minutes) gives me a choice, the realities of the real world or the fantasies of dream world? I really don’t have a choice. The school expects me to show up everyday. The big brick stoned building is my second home and also wants a piece of me. So I just have to get up and move my body to the pleasant school building, sit on one of the comfortable chairs in the classrooms, breathe in the fresh air full of oxygen and at the same time try to store the information that is thrown out to me. The last thing is of course very easy because everything I learn is so interesting. If the things I was taught were boring, it would probably be difficult to remember it all, but since they’re all so breathtaking and I have such a big variation in subjects, everything stick to my memory. Five different subjects each day really give the brain a lot to do, but I guess it’s designed to have many things going on at the same time. That’s at least one thing humans can do better than Microsoft Windows.


From the window of my school I can see the beautiful horizon on one side and some mighty mountains on the other side. Wait a minute, it’s not the horizon, but the motorway, and it’s not mountains, but some apartment blocks. Anyway, life is good and the future looks bright at my school. So I don’t quite understand why I sometimes hesitate before going to school. The teachers there are also nice and we respect each other mutually. If they say “jump!”, I say “how high?” It also goes the opposite way and it makes a circle of confidence and trust.


Back to the consequences. Consequences are actually hard to determine because everything in life is coincidence. Nothing is real before you see it and actions change the reality constantly. Reality can even be manipulated. Religion is manipulation of reality, the modern research and technology has proved that. It’s a paradox that technology manipulates reality today. Who can then know what reality in the end is? The answer can maybe be found in newly born babies. Without any kind of affection and influence their minds are pure, innocent and wise. It’s a shame they’re not able to speak.


I’m perfectly able to speak and I can even reflect and ask questions, “should I go to school today?” The significance of this question is discussable and I must admit that there are more important questions that definitely should come forward in the world. For instance “what shall I wear today?” or “what can I do to make myself feel better?” Charles Darwin indirectly legalised these kinds of thoughts when his revolutionary research was published in the middle of the 19th century. The quote “survival of the fittest” triggered an egoism and behaviour that perhaps made Darwin regret he came with the facts of human development. The imperialism, that started in the end of the 19th century, was a direct result of Darwin’s research. Today a lot of people in the Western world are actually able to condemn this abuse of power that happened a hundred years ago. What about USA’s imperialism today? What about USA’s abuse of power today? Who dares to see that and condemn it? No one reacts even if USA rules the world and does things only for their own interests. Well, we all need a big brother, don’t we? It’s always good to have one who makes the path so that we can step the same way, play safe.


Should I go to school today or should I make up my own path? If I stumble up my own path I could maybe find the reality, at least a reality I’m happy with. After all, it’s all up to me; I am a key that can open doors. How many doors will depend on my choice this morning; “should I go to school today?” Yes, I will go to school today.

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