My first knowledge to drugs

Handler kort sagt om en som for første gang prøver extacy.

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This was it. There was no going back now. All of a sudden I felt some dubt in my mind. Did i really want to do this? Well, I had to do it. I couldn`t disappoint the people that had turned up to watch me try exstesy for the first time. I took the pill up in my hand. It wasn`t heavy, just a couppel  gram`s. I felt the small pill, with the big efect in my hand. It had a smily-face on one of the sides. I throwed it up in the air and caughet it on the way back down. I lifted my hand up to the mouth, opened my hand and droped the pill. I felt it in my throat, swalloved and waited on the effect. Suddenly everything around me just exploded. I was the master over everything . I could do what ever i wanted and i was sure that i could fly. Everyone was clapping.


I can't remember so much after this but i know that i screamd “let the party begin!!!” After a while i startet getting very very tired and my head was so heavy. I lent my self into a chair but i wasnt strong enough suddenly i just fellt on the floor. I started to throw up and every thing became black.


The ambulance came but there vere nothing they could do to save me from dying.


This is what happends to many people that tries dope. The reason why i died, is probabley that those ones who had made the pill. Had used something in the pill that was dangerouse.


This text is written by a girl in heaven.

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