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I had problems of choosing my hero, because I have so many of them. All over the world, people are inspiring me. Rather it is because of their style, behavior, or personality. My mother, my father and my best friend are all my heroes, but in difference ways.


My mother is my hero, because she has always been there for me, she has teached me right from wrong and she has always supported me. My mother has always done the best for all of her four children’s, she always puts herself in the back, for our favor.  She is a caring mother that always wants the best for her children, and is protecting us as much as possible. She is the best mother in the world, and I know that no matter what, I could always tell her.


As I said earlier, both my parents are my heroes. The difference between my mother and father is that my father often gives me more space to growth than my mother. I can see a lot of myself in my father, and while listening to stories from his adolescence, I see myself. Because our behavior in the adolenences is wary alike, and we both does a lot of mistakes, but it is mistakes that we are learning from, and mistakes that we can change. My father is not only a hero to his children, by raising them. He is a real hero. When he got abounded from the military, he got a job in the “blåkors”, where he got to know alcoholics, and just by showing them that he cared; he may have saved lives.


When my father where young he where walking in a street, when he recognize a group of immigrants and a girl. The immigrates where harassing and flirting with the girl. It was obvious that the girl found that wary unpleasant. Unlike most other people would do, my father walked straight to the group of immigrants and yelled at them. He called a cab and sent the girl home safe. Of course the group got mad now, something that was dangerous for my father. He walked out of there, and recognize that they where fallowing. He turned around and showed no sign of fear, even through he was terrified and almost pissing his pants. When they saw that, they stopped and turned around, then walked the other way.


Another time my father risked life to save another was one time a man where losing his temperate in Ålesund, and he almost killed a woman passing by. My father then risked his life and jumped on the man and kept him down until the police come. My father is a strong man who always put others first, and I am really proud of him.


Ingrid, is my best friend in the whole world, and also my cousin. Since she is a year younger than me, I haven’t known her my whole life, but as long I could remember. In our childhood we grew up together and our style and personality have almost become identical. We even think the same sometimes. Even trough, she moved far, far, away from me when she got older, our friendship is strong and irreplaceable.


I look up to her because she is a really strong person and she is trustworthy. She is the person I turn to, while need advices or just someone to talk to. Because when I tell her something I know that she would never tell anyone and she would always take time to listen to her friends.






She has an incredible style and don’t care what people think of her. She could wear almost anything within makeup and clothes, and I find that inspiring.


A celebrity I look up to is Lady Gaga, because she dare to bee difference. Her style are always shocking, something that I think is cool. She is always surprising with new outfits that are really shining out of the crowd. She is also an amazing artist with a voice and show an amazing care to her fans. She has had a rough childhood with bulling and have always felt that she didn’t fit in, and even trough that she is an amazing strong person.





My personal opinion is that each generation has their own way to inspire. As time go by, the style, behavior and personality is changing. And because of that, it may be easier for youths to recognize and personate them self with younger people.


Today most youths, rather takes advices from their friends than their parents, and maybe it’s not so strange. Even through our parents are older and therefore have more experiences and have failed and learned, we all have to learn by own mistakes. The time has changed since our parents where young, and that’s why they don’t always know how it’s like to be a youth in the 2010.


As I have perceived, our parents didn’t face that big temptations that we are today, because in time it have become more and more normal to drink alcohol, dress bold and drop out of school. Because of that, it is harder to resist, and we all does own mistakes, and learn from that. Our parents often tries to let us learn from their mistakes, but in reality, even through, we actually know it’s wrong, we do want to learn from our own mistakes. Our parents can’t keep us out of fail and learn by our self.  


I think that everyone is a hero for someone, in difference ways.

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