People care too much about beaty

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People care too much about beauty!

People care about how they look, they have always done and probably always will. People compare themselves to others and use a lot of products to look “beautiful”. First it was lead to make the skin paler, soap to show that you was rich, perfume, creams etc. In this essay I am going to write about why i think that people care too much about beauty.


First of all beauty is not makeup, botox or starving. Everyone is beautiful, but you don’t get more beautiful if you look like everyone else. Makeup is not beauty, it covers up beauty. To use botox does not make you more beautiful. Starving yourself half to death does not make you more beautiful, it is just sad. 


Beauty can make you sick. People are obsessed with people they think are beautiful, if they don’t have the same shape or look, they starve, use waisttrainers (something that squeeze your organs into a shape), go to the gym every day, get obsessed with what they are eating, use hours on makeup, undergo unnecessary surgeries, develop eating disorders etc. More and more people get depressed, and over 5000 people in Norway take suicide every year. 


Social medias helps with the sick body image people are expected to have, retouched pictures, hidden advertising, obsessive training routines, hourlong makeup routines, “how my day looks”-videos, healthy recipes, etc. People are making each other sick. The healthy recipes is unnatural healthy. If what i have seen is normal, every smoothie should be green and have chia, spinach, avocados and coconut water in it, egg yolks are unhealthy, meat is a no no, you can bake cookies without any sugar in it, sprinkle a lot of chocolate chips over and say it is healthy and  being vegetarian or even vegan is the best thing you can do.


To summarise all this, I would say that eating healthy, letting yourself eat unhealthy stuff sometimes, train a few times a week and in general have confidence in yourself make you the most beautiful you.



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