The Bomb

Handler om et bombeattentat på en skole.
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“Molly, hurry up! You’re late for school!’’ Mum shouted.

‘’I’m coming!’’ I shouted back. I brushed my teeth and then I went downstairs.

I was so excited, this was my first day at school. “Can I go now?” I asked mum.

“No, I’ll drive you to school! She answered. “Don`t forget that we are Catholics, and you need to go through a area where there are only Protestant. We have talked about this before.” Mum said “I have heard that many Catholic schools have been bombed lately!” she said with tears in her eyes. Her school was bombed when she was at my age, seven years old. While we were driving to school, we saw Catholic children getting trashed by Protestants.

“Why can’t they just leave us alone?” I asked mum. “ They won`t leave us alone until they have killed us all. In the nights, I had bad about this. I dreamed that Protestants were giving me a trashing. And about abomb going off in my school.


I woke up wet through with perspiration. I ran into my mother’s room and she was also wet through with perspiration. She had had the same dream. That was kind of scary, because one time she had a dream about our house burning down. And the very next day it happened. That day mum denied me to go to school, because of the dream. We just sat home and watched TV all day. But no bomb went off. Next day mum drove me to school. In the third periode, I went to the toilet. I sat there in about two minutes before the bomb alarm went on. I was very scared the first moment, but then I remembered that the teacher told us that we were going to have a bomb practice at the end of the week. Maybe they decided to have it earlier. After some few minutes I decided to go out to the rest of the class, but the door was locked. I couldn`t get the door up. I heard screaming from the corridor. Oh no, maybe there really is a bomb inside the school.


Ring... Ring... (nokia tune). It was my mobilephone. “Molly, where are you?!” it was mum. I’m in the toilet.”, I said. “It`s is a man with a bomb in the school. she said. I heard that she was crying. “Can somebody please help my daughter, she is confined in the toilet.” mum shouted to the others. I tried to unlock the door again. It worked. I was out in the corridor, turned around and ran towards the door. Suddenly I saw the man with the bomb. “Mum, are you still there?” I said in my phone. “Yes Molly, what is it?” mum said. “I love you.” I said. “I love you to.” she answered. The last thing I heared was the man with the bomb saying “Get the Catholics out of our country.” Then everything went black.


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