The Day

Handler om ei jente som blir gravid i ung alder. Skrevet i 9. klasse.
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If I knew that this day was going to change the rest of my life, I would never left that bed.


The first I heard was my alarm clock. When I finally left the bed and it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I felt down at the floor. My first taught was that I’m pregnant, me and my boyfriend Alec had forgot protection some times but we thought that one or two time couldn’t be dangerous, so I just removed the taught from my mind.


I went out on the bathroom and my face was pale. I washed my face and saw in the mirror again, my face turned color to green/gray. I puked on the floor. Mum came running in to the bathroom and asked me what was happening, I did not know so I could not answer her. My head was empty but at the same time full of nothing. I fainted.


When I woke up at the hospital next morning, I was petrified, Alec was sitting beside me sleeping, and he had been there the whole night. I began thinking what had happened the day before. And the thought about being pregnant stroke me again.


A nurse arrived my room, waked up Alec and told him leave the room for a little time. Alec gave me a kiss on the lips and leaved the room. My hart was wild, I can remember that I were sure that it would pop out.


The nurse sat down on the bed and said whit a serious voice that I was pregnant. My head felt like a puzzle that some one just spread on the whole world! It couldn’t be true.. I was so sure that time that the world was going under. She asked me if I wanted to take an abortion or carry the baby to its birth. I was 2months on my pregnancy, and it could be dangerous to remove the foster. I don’t think I have been so scared in my life.

I was 16years old then and Alec was 18years. Alec and I disgusted if we wanted the baby or not, we decided to have it.


It was the 7 worst months of my life but it was worth it, Alec and I got the most beautiful girl you ever could imagine. We called her Alexandra.


I’m 21 and Alec is 23now, Alexandra started at school this year so she is 5 years.


Alec work as a carpenter, since I dropped out of school I don’t have any education so I work at the grocery store. We have moved from Belfast to Dublin in Ireland now, Alec and me talk much about getting a new little baby. I have never regret my decision about carry Alexandra the 9 months to her birth. I think of all the pleasures we have had together when she was born.


The End



This story is kind of based on facts because to be a teenager mother in U.K is now very normal.

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