The difference between boys and girls

Forskjellen mellom jenter og gutter.
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Are there really any difference between boys and girls? I would say yes, and then comes the part where I have to explain this.


Off course we are different, but how? Physical off course. Boys have more muscles and so on, but psychic I believe there are more differences than we think. This I can’t explain, but I really think there are more than that the boys like to boast about they’re being so cool and much tough than us girls. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. I don’t know.


Boys think girls are too sensitive, than I would ask them: what’s wrong with showing you’re feelings? Then I think they would shut there mouth, or they would just come with a silly answer. Boys like to talk about fast cars and things like that. I don’t understand what’s so interesting about cars and motorbikes, but I have absolutely no plans of asking! That’s just the way it is.


Many boys think it’s silly that we girls make oneself up, but we get a better feeling about us self, and we feel prettier, so why not? Do you think we look ugly when we make oneself up? I don’t.


Statistical proof says that boys are happier with their body than us girls. It shows! Look at the model girls; they look very nice, right? I bet not one of them are absolutely happy with them self.


And by the way, how does a perfect girl look like? Or: how does the perfect boy look like? There’s no right answer on that.

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