The Last Message

En historie jeg skrev da jeg kjedet meg veldig.. Historien handler om ei ung dame og livet hennes.
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A young woman sat in the dim-lit corner of Curve, the popular café between Freedom Row and 44th Street, across from Say Park. She looked no older than twenty-one with her petite built and her multi-toned brown hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. Her tiny hazel eyes were still visible behind her thick-framed glasses. She wore a bright smile on her face, although her eyes told a different story. Her eyes gave a slight indication of sadness as she watched the little toddlers play in the park’s sandbox. After finishing her coffee and lunch set B, she picked up her cream messenger bag and left the café after leaving some tips for her server.


She made her way through the street with the breeze blowing at her floral-printed skirt. As she walked, she peered at the sidewalk shops, but nothing caught her eyes’ interest. The cars on the street slowed down at the red light. When the light showed the walking man, the girl crossed the street and headed into the park.


The weather began to turn a bit chilly, not unlike the normal autumn weather. The wind picked up and the fallen leaves on the ground swirled up into the air before swaying back down. The sky’s color changed from a bright blue with scattered white clouds into a dim grey. Mothers scurried to gather up their children before the first droplets of water fell from the clouds. Soon, the once busy park emptied until the next time a ray of sun would soak through the clouds.


The young woman pulled her black sweater out from her bag and put it on. She quickened her pace, hoping to make it home before the rain would start to fall. As she made her way out of the park, she walked a few more blocks before she reached the doorstep of her apartment complex, where the door attendant greeted her. Quickly, she made her way to the elevator and pushed the button for level 4. The elevator sounded, indicating that it had reached her desired floor.


She pulled her keys out from her bag and slid it through the keyhole. As soon as the door opened, she dropped her bag by the door and kicked her shoes off. Her apartment was more like a suite. To the left of the door was a small closet, and to the right was a wall of mirrors. After making your way through the hallway, you find yourself standing in the grand living room. She personally decorated the room with art from around the world. In a corner, sat her plasma TV and couches with a neatly- arranged coffee table between the two. Through the glass doors, you find yourself once again outside on her balcony. From there, you can see the breath-taking view of the city street below.


After locking her doors, she made her way to her answering machine that blinked at a constant rate indicating that she had messages.


“You have three new messages,” rang her machine.


“First message…‘Hey Gillie, it’s Faye. Just wanted to remind you, tonight’s the dinner party for Nicholas since he’s going to leave for London tomorrow and will not be back until late July. Well, I hope to see you at Springs tonight around 8-ish. Don’t be late if you’re coming, since you know we want to surprise him! Okay, love you, bye!’…end of first message.


Oh right…Nic’s going away party. I’d better hurry up and get ready.


Begin second message…‘Hello sweetie pie, it’s mother. You still haven’t returned my phone call from the last time I called, which was a week ago! Are you okay? Do you need me to come up and check up on you? Well, give me a ring when you can! Toodles!’…end of second message.


Mother, I swear she’s losing her memories. I just talked to her last night.


Begin third message…‘Hey hun. I’ve been calling you the past three days, but you haven’t been answering your phone. I hope everything’s alright. I came to check on you yesterday, but you didn’t answer the door. Give me a call back, I’m really worried. Okay, bye love.’…end last message.


Aww…he always worries about me. I guess I’ll call him when I get back from Springs. You have zero new messages.”


Gillie. That’s what all my close friends and family call me. My real name is Gillian Chung. I’m twenty years old, but I’ll be turning twenty-one in a month. I have a boyfriend that I met at my university. His name is Vincent Tye. At first, he was the annoying boy in my design class, but you know how that story goes. Anyway, currently, I attend Hong Kong University as a junior, majoring in international business. When I was little, I always believed I’d become a pediatrician, but I fell off that horse after I realized my passion for math and business. I also minor in interior design since I love to decorate rooms and create new things. I’m originally from San Francisco, where my parents still live. I needed a change in environment, so I decided to move to Hong Kong. No one in Hong Kong truly knows the real me. I used to be a bubbly, outgoing girl that is until the incident. It all happened three years ago today.




“Hi Edi!” Gillian exclaimed as I ran to give him a tight embrace.


“Hey Gil,” Edison replied coldly. Edison, he’s my previous boyfriend before Vincent. He was my first love, and back then, I believed he’d be my only love. I know, we were both young to be thinking about an everlasting relationship, but I felt that we really had that connection. Being oblivious and naïve at the time, I didn’t realize the difference in his voice when he answered me.


“What’s up, honey?” she asked him with a cheeky smile.


“Not much. What do you want to do today?” he questioned as he pulled away from her hug. I began to catch on to the change in Edi. I’ve practically known him all my life, so I could sense when something’s wrong.


“Whatever’s fine,” Gillie replied with a worried tone.


“Okay, let’s go!” he remarked with a smile on his face this time. I think he figured out that I noticed the change, so he quickly hid it by acting like his old self.


He took her hand and intertwined it with his before running toward his car. Edi held the door open as Gil hopped in. Carefully, he closed the door for her as he made his way to the driver’s side. Edison drove to the beach where the city was holding its weekend carnival. They spent the whole night together. After a great night, he drove Gillian home.


It was a great night, a bit strange since Edi tried so hard to get me home before midnight. However, I must admit, it was the best night of my life…little did I know, it’d be my last night with Edison.


Gil stood at her bedroom window as she watched Edison drive away. In a quick instance, his car was in flames. Gil rushed out of her house and toward Edi’s car. By then, the noise caused by the explosion had woken up the neighborhood. As soon as she got near Ed’s car, one of her neighbors pulled her back. She kicked and screamed as she tried to get out of the man’s grip, but it didn’t work. Finally, she gave up and dropped to the ground.


End Flashback.


I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t. I was wondering why Ed was acting so weird that night. God answered my question when Edi’s car exploded. Edison knew, I know he knew, that something bad was going to happen to him that night. That’s the reason why he had greeted me so sadly. Since that day, I’ve never been the same person. Edi was my life, the sole reason I lived. Before I met Edison, I was in a state of depression. He changed all that. He showed me how great the world was and how love could bring sunshine to any cloudy day. After his murder, I lost all confidence in that, until I realized that I had to live on, if not for my sake, then for Edi’s. He deserved to live until he turned into an old man, but he lost his chance. I still have mine, so I need to live and make it the best, so that Edison’s life had not gone to waste.


Gil continued to think about Edison’s death, as she got ready for Nicholas’s party. She knew that she would not be able to have a good time because it’s the third anniversary of Edi’s death. After taking a shower and dressing, she made her way out the door to Springs. As she walked in, she felt a tingling sensation.


Ah, Springs…it’s where Edison first asked me to be his girlfriend. I cannot believe how fate worked out that I’d be here on the night of Edi’s death.


A tear began to slide gently down Gillian’s face as she entered the restaurant. At the sight of her friends, she wiped it away and hastened her steps. After a night partying, she returned home. Once again, she dropped her bag on the floor and kicked off her heels.


Without checking her messages, she went to the bathroom and did her nightly routine. Feeling refreshed, Gil walked into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of milk, before walking to check her messages. The answering machine blinked, indicating again that she had a message.


“You have four new message,” the machine played back, “Begin first message…‘Hey Gillian, it’s William. I just wanted to let you know that you don’t need to come into work tomorrow. Okay, have a restful night and a good day!’...end of first message.


Yay, no work! Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. I’m a hostess at the grand Akagi Restaurant.


Begin second message…‘Gil! I’ve got great news, but I wanted to meet you in person to tell you, but I guess I can’t because you’re not home to answer your phone! I guess I’ll let you know here, but you have to call me after you get this message. I’M GETTING MARRIED!! Okay, I’m just so excited and I couldn’t wait to tell my best friend, so you have to come back to California to be my maid of honor, okay!? Okay, more details later, night sweets!’…end of second message.


Ahhhh, no way! I can’t believe Kenny finally proposed to Char.


Begin third message...‘…*breathing*…’…end of third message.


Okay, who calls and doesn’t leave a message. Way weird, especially because they didn’t hang up for a long time!


Begin fourth message…‘Hey Gillian. It’s Agent Fougera. I know it’s been awhile since the last time we’ve spoken to one another. I know the past three years must’ve been hard for you, but I still hope you’ve been well. Your family and friends in California miss you dearly since you’ve left for Hong Kong. Anyway, the reason I called is that we’ve found out who murdered Edison. It was Adeline Mon.’


I dropped to the ground after hearing the message. I couldn’t believe it…they have finally found Edison’s murderer, and to think it was Addie. Addie WAS my best friend until her jealousy over my relationship with Edi took over her. I never would’ve thought she’d take it to the extent of murder. I just hope, they get her and she serves justice. At least now, I know the person who killed my Eddie will serve her time.


'…end of last message.”

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