The Unvaluable

En engelsk stil om "The Proletariant" fra boken "1984" av George Orwell.
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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, there are many different social groups. One of these, the proletarians, or poles, makes up 85% of the population. Proles are “normal” people. The rest of the population are the members of the Party, the inner party members and the other members. The public looks like this triangle:


(figure not available)


As is clear in the picture, most of the people are proletarian. They were treated very unjustly in the novel 1984. Party members treated proles like animals or worse. The upper group’s people thought that they didn’t have any political feelings, as the party members did. It’s like how Hitler thought about Jews. The Party members thought that the proletarian were not intelligent enough to do anything criminal. The reason was that when the proles carried out action against the laws in the country, the police did nothing. The Party members however more proles, so they could have more workers.


In some ways George Orwell was right. Certain people think that they are obviously more valuable than others. An example is Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. They thought that some people were more valuable than others. So they treated Jews, black people and races very unfairly.


We can also observe this type of treatment of others today, in the 21 century. Sri Lanka is an example if this problem.


This country has a lot in common with George Orwell’s society. In this country, there are two groups of people, the Singhalese people and the Tamils. As an example we can look at the society in Sri Lanka. Some leaders in the Singhalese people think they are more valuable than the Tamils. So Tamils don’t receive the same rights as the others. For example, they have to get better mark to the highschools. That is the reason for the war in Sri Lanka. Maybe there will be a war between the Proletarians an the Party members later in the book, 1984.

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