A brave hero!

Handler om en kriger og en trollmann som slåss mot en stor og sterk drage.

Karakter: 5 (8. klasse)

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Once upon a time in a little village named Velucia, there was a young man. His name was Harold, and he owned a small farm in the outside of the village. The wheat and milk he sold was giving him money to buy food and clothes. He was not rich or poor.


One day he met a wise man, who claimed to be a wizard. He said that he had magical powers and could do almost everything. He wanted a man who was brave enough to take on a great quest. To kill the huge, and powerful dragon. The dragon had rampaged the village and other nearby settlements for hundreds of years. Many great warriors had been killed by it. The wizard said that he had been commanded by the king to do everything to stop it. So when the wizard asked Harold to come with him he answered: “Let me think about, will you?” “Yes, indeed!” the wizard answered.


The next day Harold woke up with a smile. “The time has come, it's my destiny.” He immediately took contact with the wizard, and they started their quest. They had to walk a long distance, and Harold got really tired. In the middle of the desert he collapsed, so they put up their camp, and took a rest.


The next morning the sun was shining very brightly. They started walking again, even though they were very tired. Only a day of walking was left, until they reached the mountain where the dragon lived.


When they arrived they met a great disappointment, there was a steep cliff rising about two thousand feet. The stunned wizard said: “Well, we better start climbing.”


After five exhausting hours they finally reached the top, and could see the huge dragon's nest. “Okay so we have got to have a good plan” said Harold. “No, we can just walk in there and stab the dragon in his back.” said the wizard. “You crazy old man!” said Harold. “Do you want to get us killed?” After a couple of minutes planning they went with the idea that Harold was going to distract the dragon, while the wizard was going to try to cut off its head. It was a risky plan, but it could work. Also the wizard made a sword appear with his magical powers.


“It's action time!” yelled Harold, when he ran into the dragon's nest. The dragon turned around and growled. It was so loud that he had to cover his ears. Then suddenly completely out the blue the dragon turned around and looked right at the wizard. In a couple of seconds the wizard was dead. Now the dragon raged at Harold. Harold stood completely still, and watched the dragon run towards him. Harold took a giant leap, and stabbed his sword right into the dragons neck. It growled again, and fell over to the side. It was dead!


The brave Harold was rewarded with all he wished, and lived happily ever after.

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