Cruel Witch

Eventyr om en slem heks.

Once upon a time there was a fox. This fox was very nice. He helped everyone who needed help and when he did that, everyone was nice to him too.


But one day, something bad happened. He had just opened the door to his house when he saw an ugly witch turn his wife into stone. When the witch saw him, she flew away. He looked at his wife for minutes. What could he do to help his wife? He didn’t know what to do.


He ran out because he had to ask his neighbours for help. But nobody wanted to help him when he mentioned the witch.


Soon he asked an old woman. She told him –“ You, know. In the forest, deep inside the forest. The witch has her headquarter. You must be careful. Because she is dangerous. –“Yes, but how can I reach her?” –“I don’t know that for sure, but just go into the forest”. “Ok,” the fox answered quickly.


Next day he began his trip to find the witch. Only she could help him and his wife.


He walked and he walked. Suddenly he saw a pink house without any doors. “What a strange house,” he thought.


He slowly walked towards the house. Without any sound, he managed to look into the house from the outside. He saw the witch. –“What a big nose she has got” he said”. Then the witch discovered him. The fox began to run away, but the witch was to fast. She could fly. The fox couldn’t.


So, after running 45km, he stopped and talked to the witch. –”Why did you turn my wife into stone?”. –“I needed a person with a clean heart,” she sad in front of him. –“I want her back” he cried loudly”. –“Sorry can’t do that. She is dead. I had to use her soul. –“No,” the fox screamed loudly.


But then the witch said, deep in the forest were nobody could hear them. –“You may kiss her. But she will never be the same as she was before she got turned into stone”. –“Oh thanks, Witch”, the fox said. But the thing he didn’t know, was when he would kiss her, she would kill him. His own wife would kill him.


The wife was still at home, in the living room. He walked towards her and kissed her on the mouth. “Yes,Yes”, he screamed loudly. She was not a stone anymore. But then this strange thing happened. She killed him. His own wife killed him with a knife she had in her hands. The fox said to her –“Why did you kill me?” –“You shouldn’t help me”. –“ I didn’t have my soul when you woke me up. My soul is in hell. Without my soul, I am cruel”.


So then died mr.Fox. The last person he ever saw, was his wife.

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