The happy troll

Et eventyr om et troll med mange venner.

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Once upon a time there was a troll that lived alone in the woods. The wood  was big and far away, behind three big mountains. It was deep and had a lot of strange animals.


The troll was friend with the animals. He lived in a big cavern with table, chairs and a bed. The troll was good to the animals. He had fifty hens and he went catching wilde boards every morning before dawn.


He could not stay out after dawn because he was scared of the sun. If a troll goes out in the sun, it turns to a stone.


After making eggs and bacon, he called all his animal friends so that they could eat breakfast together.


This troll was a very modern troll and had all the new tecnology. Such as PC, DVD,GPS, cellphone and a digitale camera. But not a very modern watch. The old watch was given to him by his grand grandmother, and he loved it so much.


One morning when he woke up he woke up an our to late because he had not got the news about changeing the our. It was not longer sommer time. The animals started to wonder, they had not heard the troll whistle and it started to get light. They hurried to the trolls cavern and undersud that he was still sleeping. They decided to help the troll.


Three of the animals watched the troll, and three went cathing the wilde board. The rest collected the eggs. They were very happy because they had saved the troll from the sun, and they had made a nice breakfast for him. When the troll understud what had hapend he got very scaerd and happy that his friends had helped him. He decided to have a party for them and show them all his fansy things.

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