The last breath of the dragon

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There is a legend that says: ''When the silver dragon takes it's last breath, it will roar, and the world as we know it will end.''


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Elena. She used to fantasise about dragons and magic swords, trolls and elves, and wizards and witches. Her biggest dream was to become a part of it. When Elena grew older, her fantasy world was gone a long time ago. There was other things on her mind now, and no room for fantasy at all. We will hear her story about what happened when she lost her faith.


One evening, when I was up in my room, I heard a knock and went down to open the door. When I opened, there was nothing but dark. ''Who was it?'' my uncle asked. ''Nobody... I think.'' I answered, while I went up the stairs. It was late, so I went to bed, not even bothering taking my clothes off.


The morning after, I woke up by the sound of footsteps on the first floor. I thought the sound of it was strange, but got up, and went to open my closet. Because I was so tired, I could barely open my eyes. But the closet wasn't there! I opened her eyes, only to see that I wasn't at home at all! ''Hmm.. this was strange,'' I said. ''I can't remember moving.'' I walked up to the window, and looked outside. On the streets, I could only see elves and trolls with magic swords and flying horses! I let out a scream, and suddenly everything turned black, as I hit the floor.


''Do you think she remember us?'' a voice whispered. ''Of course she doesn't, you stupid nymph!'' another voice said, just a bit louder. ''Heey! Who's the nymph here? I can tell you, it's not me!'' the first voice yelled. I could hear the voices clearly now. This voice was more like a woman's. ''Hush! Do you wanna wake her, so that she screams again?'' It went silent for a while, until I opened my eyes. ''Great! You woke her up! Just go ahead and scream, girl.'' It was the grouchy dwarf's voice. ''I won't scream.'' I said. ''I was just so shocked, because this place looks just like the place I used to dream about when I was a little girl.'' ''That's because this is the place you used to dream about.'' said the nice... umm.. creature. I couldn't see what it was supposed to look like. They started explaining the whole story. They brought me here to help them defeat the Ogres. Ogres are troll-like creatures with their heads filled with evil thoughts. As soon as I made new creatures, magic items and fantasy towns, they was placed in this world. Made completely by myself. The Ogres came as soon as I lost faith on my own world. Now, all I needed to do is find the silver dragon, and ask him to do something about this. I was given one hint. ''When the silver dragon takes it's last breath, it will roar, and the world as we know it will end.'' I didn't really get it, because I was kinda confused. I didn't wanna end the world either.


I went out on my great adventure. I walked for days and days, until I came to the great mountain of Konai. This was the mountain I used to fall down from, in my dreams, when I battled against the dark powers, side by side with The Silver Dragon. The dragon always saved me, and together we saved the world.


I started walking up the stairs. When I had reached the first of the five platforms, I had a full view over my entire fantasy world. At the end of the rainbow, I could see nothing but darkness and gray clouds. It spread like sand, caught by the wind. Suddenly I could see everything infected by the darkness that my mind had created. The last thing I saw before running up towards the next platforms, was half my fantasy world covered in dark. I could see the nature fighting back, but the force was stronger. I came up to the third one, and then I could see a big battle being fought. The Orks, Elves and Gnomes against the rest of the creatures! It really hurt me that the creatures that I created to be the most wise ones, turned out to just run away when something got serious. It was up to me now, because it looked like the Orks were winning. As I ran towards the top of the mountain, I didn't notice the Ork that followed me.


When I reached the top of the mountain, I was exhausted. I could see the chaos around me, and I was so relieved that I wasn't there! Instead I got to talk to a real dragon! it was pretty cool, if we ignore the fact that the whole world could go under, if I failed to crack the code I got. The code about the dragon roar. I still wasn't able to figure that out!


I walked into the cave in front of me, until I saw a big beast! I was scared at first, but I swallowed it, and said: ''I'm here to talk to the silver dragon.'' I called. ''That is me. What brings you here, little girl? This could be a dangerous place you know.'' he said with a friendly voice. ''I know. But I am the creator of this world, and I need your help.'' I said, hopeful. ''My help? What could possibly an old dragon do to help you, my great creator.'' he asked. ''I don't know yet! That's what I hoped you could help me with.'' He wasn't able to give me an answer before we got interrupted. The Ork that had followed me up the mountain started attacking us. He shot an arrow right towards me, but the dragon threw himself in front of me, and was shot right trough his heart. He gave out a great roar, and suddenly he turned into a bright light. So bright that it blinded me for a few seconds. When I was able to see again, there was no dragon there. I was at home, lying on my bed. I wondered what had happened, because I was so confused. But when I thought about the hint I was given, it suddenly made sense to me! ''When the dragon takes it's last breath,'' means that when he's about to die ''it will give out a great roar, so that the world as we know it, will end.'' doesn't mean that the world will end, but the world AS WE KNOW it, will end. If the darkness takes over the world, the dragon will reset everything, and it will be peaceful again.

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