The Scary Bridge

Hvert fjerde år forsvinner en person i det vedkommende krysser en spesiell bro i London. Skummelt!

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Once upon a time there was a bridge in London. The bridge was quite old and was made out of wood. But althoug it was old, it had no scuff.


One early day the king and his wife decided to have a selebration for their son, because he did get an A in his schoolwork. So his mother decided to go to the marked and buy some stuff to the party, who presumably should be between 9 or 10 o`clock afternoon.


Mrs. Thomson, who is her name, had in her mind that she`s gonna bake kake, cookie, buy sweets, ice-cream .etc.


So she got up early, because there would be many people in the marked to shop and goods would presumably be sold out. So she decided to get up earlier and go shopping before all the rest. Mr.Thomson, or The King who he really is, and their son who is the prince decided that instead of just wait for mom to come back, they could decorate the house. She had told them that she woulden´t be out so long.


On her way to the marked she had to cross the bridge or actually “The bridge”. It has got its name from an roumer who tells that in every fourth year someone will disappear by crossing the bridge.


Mrs. Thomson was crooning and had a big smile on her face. When she almost was finishing crossing the bridge, she was gone. Suddenly she was gone, but how did that happen. The time was ticking by and she had not come back home from the marked. Mr. Thomson and his son began to wonder why she had`nt come back home from the marked.


She had told them that she woulden´t be long, but now she has been gone in 3 hours.


Mr. Thomson told his son that he had to go out and seek after mom. He was seeking on every place , calling her name, asking neighbours, but nobody had seen her.


He was getting more and more scared for not finding her. Where could she be, he thought. She can't just disappear, and above all, not on a day like this. But he kept himself calm.

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