The Sea Princess

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This is the story of an adventure that happened in a land far away, a magical place during a golden age. In those days, far south in Turama an a little creek near the sea, lived a poor fisherman and his son.


Mulad as the fisherman was called, had not got any fish in forty days and forty nights.

He was so broke that he couldn’t even buy a bred to eat that day.

When he passed the bakers house on his way home, he just looked hungry into the shop window and stared at the breads, which smelled so delicious.

Then he walked on.


When his friend the baker saw this, he called after Mulad.

“Why didn’t you visit me today Mulad?” said the baker.

“To tell you the truth, I’m broke, and I’m not going to buy any bred till I’ve paid back the debts I’ve already got.” Cried Mulad with his sad poor voice.

“Stop joking, I know how you feel, without my bred you and your son will starve.

Take some bread with you and pay me back when you’ve got the fish and money.”

“Than you so much!! I’m going to pay you back as soon as possible; it looks like somebody has bewitched my nets. The ocean is full of fish, and I can’t catch a single one”


When Mulad came home that day his son, Mullhad had some good news for his father.

“Hi, dad I have some brilliant news for you. Sit down so you don’t get shocked!”

Mulad did as his son said, and sat down on the old torn out wooden chair, in their little cottage.

“My dear old father, I’m going to get married!”

Mulad shocked his heard, “What did you say? That’s NOT wonderful; you don’t got money or a house where you and your wife can live. You don’t even got a job, and who should provide you? Not me at least, I don’t even god food for you and me…”

“Stop father, you’re interrupting me, if you only could let me finish talking.

The woman I’m going to marry is a princess. She has a lot of money.

She even said that she will marry me and provide you and me if I promise to love her to dead do us apart” said Mullhad with a happy kind of singing tune in his voice.

“Then, who is this princess? And do you really love her?” asked Mulad curiously.

“She is The SeaPrincess “Challachalla”, if I love her? That’s it, when she said that I started wondering, because I’ve loved her since I first laid my eyes on her. And she knows that.”


The next morning Mulad once again went out to throw his nets.

He wouldn’t believe his own arms when he tried to haul the nets, they where so heavy that he couldn’t get them into his boat.

He had to row the boat all the way to shore, and from there drag the catch up from the ocean to see what he had catched. He discovered a fish he never had seen before, half a human being and half a fish.


“Let go of me, let go of me please,” the fish begged.

Mulad in his surprise was almost unable to speak.

“Have you seen my daughter?” the fish asked, “I came to the surface to find her, she ran away a month ago, she drank the holly dink and became a human, and went on shore around her I guess, I need to see her again, and I miss her so dearly”

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know who she is… Maybe my son do, he talks to everybody… No, wait a minute he said that he had meet a girl, Challachalla was her name, my son called her

The SeaPrincess or something like that” said Mulad still surprised over the fish – man.

“That’s her that’s my daughter! Can you bring her to me tomorrow?” begged the fish – man.

“Sure if she agrees then” said Mulad, more calm now.

“Since you’ve helped me so much, I’ll give you fifteen fine pearls from the deep dark ocean.”


When Mulad walked home that day, he stopped by the baker, gave him tree pearls for the bred he had borrowed and he bought a big cake, for the first time in seven years.

Back home his son sat laughing with the table together with his wife.

“ Hi” said Mulad stoned by the beauty of Challachalla. He sat the cake on the table and told his family what happened that morning. Then Challachalla told the fisherman and his son who she really was. But Mullhad didn’t care he loved her just as much.


The next day the whole family sailed to sea, and meet Neptun the King of The Ocean.

Neptun and Challachalla where trilled to meet each other.

Then Neptun told her daughter that her spell wouldn’t work more tomorrow, then it was going to expel.  Challachalla cried and cried, she cried the ocean 10 cm taller than it already was.

Then she kissed her love god bye and disappeared down in the ocean.

Neptun paid the fisherman and his son with diamonds, pearls and gold more worth than a man could use in to lifetimes.


Mullhad was crushed, he had lost his only love, Challachalla, and so was she.

Their only comfort was that they got to see each other one hour every day.

And every day sat they there by the sea holding hand and kissing an hour, no matter weather.

Every time she went down in the sea again she cried a river.

And that’s the reason it’s floo and when it is fjæra it’s Neptun swallowing the water so the humans wont drown.

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