The Witch on the Cemetery

Et eventyr som ble skrevet som oppgave i 9. klasse.
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Once upon a time, there was living a girl with some extraordinary powers. Her name was Huldra, a farm girl with a great willpower. She was well known in her village, because of her white magic. Here’s a story about when an enemy of her, tried to burn down Huldra’s village.


One day, when Huldra was walking to one of her friends, Emma, she saw something glittery on the ground. The weather was sunny, and it had been that way for many days, so it couldn’t be rain. –What’s this, Huldra curious and bend down to look, it’s a black “witch stone”, but why is it laying here? She brought it with to her friend, who was as curious as Huldra herself.


-It’s really strange, Emma said and studied the stone, we’ll have to try to find out why it was laying there? –Why do you know that no one just lost it when they walked down the road, or that it have been there all the time?, asked Huldra exited. –Simple, a black “witch stone” like this one, is owned by witched who do practice black magic, and I know that in a special ritual, they lay out a stone like this on a road, said Emma a bit scared. –In what sort of ritual, Huldra asked sceptical. –In a ritual to burn down a village, and not only that, a stone like this poison the water in the creeks, so now the animals are in big danger, Emma explained Huldra. –Let’s go and rescue the village quick, Huldra said frightened.


Then they ran to the village, it was a sunny day, so Huldra and Emma knew that many of the inhabitants were at the cemetery to fix the graves. Among all the people who were fixing the graves, there was a girl named Aud, who was doing the ritual to burn down the village. As Huldra and Emma came closer, they could hear every word in the spell: “Earth from North, Air from East, Water from West and Fire from South. Ask Venus about permission to unite. When united, use your powers to damage this village”. The incense around Aud was starting to get heavier, and people started to wonder.


-Nice poem, Emma said ironic to Aud and showed Aud the stone, but you haven’t the stone you need in that ritual. –How dare you to disturb a witch in her work, Aud said angry and stood up. –Why should I care, Emma said with a smile on her mouth. People started to walk closer to wee what was going on between between Emma and Aud. In Huldra’s head, the spell to destroy all “black withes” started to sing: “Distanco Nemi, Distanco Laila (*1), Distanco Devilo”. Huldra knew what to do, she was had to whisper the spell three times with her eyes closed. So she did.


Right after she said it the third time, smoke came in the air, and people were just standing and gazing at it. Then a monk came. –What’s going on, he said furiously. –We’ve just rescued the village, and the animals, Huldra said with an empty voice. On the spot where Aud had been standing, there were only ashes left. –She was a black witch, wasn’t she, the monk said and took the hood of his brown cloak of. –Yes, she was, a shy and scared one, but tho so mighty, Emma said and looked down on the ash. From this day on, the cemetery were more guarded, and people contacted Huldra, if there was suspicion about witchcraft or other supernatural stuff.


The End.


*1: Laila is Hebrew and means evening.

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