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Litt om polfareren Ann Bancroft.
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Ann Bancroft is one of the world’s most famous woman polar explorers. That is the reason why I decided to give a presentation about her life and her achievements.


Ann Bancroft was born in Minnesota during the summer of 1959. She was educated as a teacher with specialities in physical fostering. She has also been teaching in elementary school as well as an instructor in the organisation Wilderness Inquiry. This organisation helps disabled kids to enjoy the nature all year.


Ann is the first lady in history who ever crossed the North- and South Pole by cross-country skiing. First she crossed the North Pole together with a group of only men. But in 1993 she leaded an American woman group across the South Pole.


Ann Bancroft received the National Woman’s Hall and Fame award in 1995. This honour is the most famous and prestigious award a US person can get. She has also been announced as “The Woman Of The Year” in US. Her face has covered the front page in the most read magazines in many countries. Time and News Week are to striking examples.


Ann Bancroft has also tried to cross Antarctica, together with the Norwegian adventurer, Liv Arnesen. Their plan was to cross Antarctica in 100 days; it’s like 3850 kilometres. They crossed the main land but winter storms stroke them. When they had walked and sailed in 94 days they realized that the period of time was to short. A plane had to pick them up, to help them out of the territory in time. During the very cold winter, no ships can reach the place where they were landed.

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