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Facts about Canada:

- Capital: Ottawa

- Largest city: Toronto

- Population 2008 33.4 million people

- World’s second biggest country after Russia

- Languages, English (59%) and French (23%)

- Money, Canadian dollars



The first people that lived in Canada were native Indian people. According to history the explorer Leiv Eriksson reached the coast of East Canada around the year 1000. The Italian English voyager John Cabot re discovered the country in 1497. Canada was taken by the French in 1534 by a man called Jacques Cartier. He called the land New France. At the time the population in Canada was almost only French. In the next few decades thousands of British immigrants moved to Canada. During the 17th century the French and the British fight against each other and British army won Canada, and it became a British colony in 1867. Today Canada is an independent member of the British Commonwealth.




Canada is a big country, total area: 9,984,670 km² It is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada is the northern part of the North American continent. Canada has an extremely varied terrain, it is a lot of lakes and mountains. The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan and it is 5959 m, and it is the highest point  in Canada. Mount logan is known for the low tempatures, 26 may in 1991 it was mesured -77,5 °C there, and it Is the coldest ever measured outside of the antarktis.



(here is a picture of mount Logan)

Because of the harsh northern climate is only 12% of the country suitable for farming. Forest covers 54% of the country.


The most important cities is Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.



(picture of Toronto)


The most important natural resources in Canada is oil, fish, salt, natural gas, iron, nickel, zinc, gold, lead, silver, timber, gravel and sand.


Population, language and religion.

There are about 33 400 000 people in Canada. Languages are English and French. Most people belong to the Roman Catholic Church 46%, and the Protestants 36%.



Hockey is the national sport of Canada. In the winter the play hockey. and in the summer the play lacrosse.


(Canadian playing hockey)



(Canadian playing lacrosse) 







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