En kort engelsk stil om den egyptiske dronningen Cleopatra. Hun var den siste faraoen før landet ble erobret av Alexander den Store rundt år null.
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Cleopatra was the second oldest child of the Egyptian king Photlemaios Aulethes 11th. She had a vivacious temperament and a radiating personality, but was regarded too thin to be pretty. Even though she wasn’t the rightful heir after her father, her possibilities as a queen were promising. Unusually, at the time regarding, she went to the university, but had private lessons at the castle. She was a very intelligent woman with many good qualities. Her best skills were language and politics, but she managed history, literature, astronomy, math, physics, philosophy, poetry and drama as well.


While the king was travelling abroad, Cleopatra’s half sister, Benike, was put on the throne. The royal position wasn’t very secure at that time. Benike was afraid of attacks from someone in her family who might would like the powerful position she was in, so Cleopatra and her siblings lived in constant danger of being killed.


When the king died in 51 BC the testament said that Cleopatra was the rightful heir. She married her brother Ptolemaios Dionysus, which was a normal custom at the time being. But the fact that she didn’t want to have any children with him made a difficult situation for her and she had to escape from Alexandria. For two years she lived in the desert with counsellors, worriers and slaves constantly fighting with her brother for her rightful place at the throne. Since Egypt was under the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar came to check about the disturbance and to try to meditate between the two parts. Cleopatra wanted to abandon the situation; she quietly travelled back to the castle where Caesar was detained. When she arrived she wrapped herself into an expensive carpet which was carried into Caesar as a gift. Like that she could enter the castle without being injured. Cleopatra showed Caesar the testament where it was set down in black and white that she was the heir and not her brother. He helped her to defeat her brother and in 48 BC they won. During the cooperation Cleopatra developed a relationship with the roman emperor and in 47 they got a son, Caesarion. After the birth of his son, Caesar went back to Rome to rule his country. But, partly because of his relationship with the Egyptian queen, Caesar was murdered by several members of his board.


The loss of her love made a great impact on Cleopatra, but about five years later she met a new roman emperor, Antonius Tarsus, which became the ruler of Rome after Caesars death. She managed to gain his favour, they got married and Cleopatra gave him three children. This became the happiest time in Cleopatra’s life.


But Antonius wasn’t alone demanding the throne; he and a man called Octavian were fighting over the emperor position. Since Antonius was married to Octavian’s sister home in Rome, Octavian used his relationship with Cleopatra against him. Octavian beat Antonius and killed him, just what had happened to Caesar.


When Cleopatra heard about Antonius` death she became deeply in grief and committed suicide. The myth says that she killed herself with the help of a snake’s deadly bite, which was smuggled into her in a basket of fish.

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