Fakta om Danmark.

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Capital: Copenhagen

Area: 43092km2

System of government: Monarchy                                    

Population: 5,3 mil (2000)

Population density: 123,8 pr. km2                                           

Religion: Christianity 91%

Middle duration of life: 76,5 years

National day: 5 June

Exporting supplies: Meat, dairy products, egg, cheese, butter , fish, chemical products and machinery.




Denmark has more than 500 small islands. Jylland is a peninsula and is the biggest part of Denmark. Some other islands are big. Most popular is Sjælland, Fyn, Lolland and Bornholm. Greenland and Faroe Islands, is included in Denmarks territory. The capital Copenhagen is located at island Sjælland. Denmark is a very popular place to spend holidays in Europe.


Many of the attraction, are the beautiful beaches and “Legoland” in Jylland. In the capital there is a big fun fair park and a zoo. In Copenhagen lies a place called Christiania. It is a place where the people determine the rules and choices and the government have little influence. Every year there are a festival in Roskilde. It is one of the most popular music festivals in Europe. Every year about 15000-20000 people came to enjoy music at Roskilde festival. Denmark are known for the fine culture.


The highest “mountain” is Yding Skovhøj which is only 173 metres high. The rest of the country is like a pancake. Because the ice age it became lowland. Approximately 2/3 of the land area is cultivated. The east part of Jylland has a very special and rich moraine soil. The west part of Jylland have sandy soil. The climate is coast-climate with chilli summers, mild winters and rainfall all the year. Denmark is known to be a windy country which they exploit with windmills.


The longest rivers are: Gudenå, Storå and Vardeå. Limfjorden divides Jylland in two parts. Denmark is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Approximately 30% of the population live in Copenhagen and the near surroundings. Denmark has one of the worlds largest bridges named Store Beltbroen. Denmark is almost about the same size as Finmark county in Norway.


Denmark has borders only to one country, Germany. The other boarders are to the ocean. Denmark is also member of EU. Here are some famous people from Denmark: H.C Andersen, Grundtvig, Kierkegaard and physicist Ørsted.

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