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Josh Hartnet`s real name is Joshua Daniel Hartnet. He vas born in S.t Paul, Minnesota, 21 July 1976. He has three younger silibings, Jake, Joe and Jessica. Josh is a vegetarian. Josh has brown eyes and hair, and he has also a beauty mark on his neck. His mother and father were devorsed when he was a small kid. He grow up with his father and his step mother Molly. Josh thanks his bad look fore he is to see in sinnema. Course Josh wanted to play football, but when he went to high school he got a ligament in his knee witch coused him to quit playing football. He had to find another thing to fill his free time, so he shusen acting. His first role was as Huck Finn. Josh high school job was in a video store. After he graduated from high school he attended the sunny acting program in New York. Hi diddent stay there for a long time, soon hi moved out to California. He ladet in the role of Michal Fizger the tvseries Craker. Craker was a mistry series and that didn`t vary long.


Josh finaly stuck it big in 1998 when he played Jamie Lee Curtis` sunn in Halloween H2O twenty years later. The acth was nominated in the best brakthrugh performance in MTV Movie Award. After that he played in another horror film The Faculty. The cast was definitelt a cool set of young actors. At that time he began to know Elijah Wood. Josh had finally made his mark. He had alots of fan all over the world an the websits began to popping up on the web devoted to him. Next came The Virgin Sunicides. An indie film that proved Josh`s acthing ability. Next came Here On Earth and after that Blow Dry.’


His film O had been delayed nearly 2 because of the violence the movie depicts. Miramax diden`t want to release the film because of the school shootings, and the film has also contained brutal rape scene. That was downgoing fore Josh, but it diddent really matter through because soon he got a big role playing Danny Walker in the big movie Pearl Harbor. Without a doubt- this was Josh`s most popular role. In Pearl Harbor he had Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale, who was big stars besisde him. This is a movie where he playing a plain pilot in the 2. world war.


In 2001 Josh played in another war movie, Black Hawk Down by Ridely Scott. Josh like roles as solider. But in 2002 Josh tried in a role as Matt Sullivan in a romantic comedy, in 40 Days and 40 Nights. In the next movie hi is playing in is another film with Asthon Kutsher. So you haven`t seen this man for the last time.

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