Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is located on the northern part of the Irish island and is in union with the United Kingdom. They have been a part of United Kingdom since 1922. The largest city is Belfast and the official languages are English and Irish. In Northern Ireland the population is about 1.6 million people. The foreign exchange is British pound and the national song is “God Save the Queen”. Northern Ireland has 60% Protestants and 40% Catholics. The Irish national day is St. Patrick’s Day.  


Northern Ireland has exciting cities with shopping and nightclubs. In Belfast there are also jazz and blues festivals. Cave Hill Country Park is a famous family park in Belfast. It is a large park which covers part of the Belfast Hills with panoramic views of Belfast city. Northern Ireland is also well known for a civil war and the special Irish folk music. George Best was from Belfast and is known as one of the best football players of all times. He played for Manchester United. George Ivan Morrison is also from Belfast but he is a famous singer. George Ivan Morrison can play piano, guitar, keyboards, and saxophone. His music types are rock and R&B and his artist name is Van Morrison. Northern Ireland has also many famous painters: Paul Henry, Andrew Nicholl, Markey Robinson and George William Russell.


In Northern Ireland the weather is very variable. The winter is cold and it can be -20 degrees. The summer is normal hot with 30 degrees. It is 75% rainfall in Northern Ireland and it has 260 days with rain during the year.







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