Northern Ireland Conflict

Contains the actions in the conflict in the Northern Ireland.
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The conflict in Northern Ireland involves the IRA(Irish Republican Army) and the British. It started in 1923, when the British invaded Northern Ireland because they meant that Ireland should be a part of Great Britain. The IRA’s original goal when this happened was to get all of the British establishments out of Ireland and get up an independent Irish government.


In December at the 6th in 1921, the country Ireland was split in two. The free Ireland and the Northern Ireland which were under the control of the British. The IRA removed with this all the British in the south free Ireland by force of arms.


In the Northern Ireland the majority of the people were protestants and therefore they didn’t mind that they were under control of the British, if the Northern Ireland became a part of Ireland again the protestants would loose the privileges they had over the Catholics. It became the Unionists VS the Nationalists or the Loyalists VS the Republicans. The Unionists were nonviolent protestants and the Loyalists were the violent one. On the Catholic side, the Nationalist were the nonviolent one and the Republicans were the one that used military arms. Many people were being killed, an at May the 22nd the IRA and the Protestants “loyalists” militias were ordered to surrender all illegal weapons. But in a statement April the 29th the IRA stated the they would not surrender any weapons at all. “There appears to be yet another attempt to resurrect the decommissioning issue as an obstacle to progress,” said the statement. “Let us make clear there will be no decommissioning by the IRA”


During the second world war, Ireland stay neutral. The IRA bombs Birmingham, Manchester and London and Chamberlain offers Ireland Northern to Ireland if they let them put up British military bases there, but the Irish refuse the offer. Later, Hitler tried to use the fact that the Irish people don’t like Great Britain, and asks if he could put up a few bases there, but neither he got permission. After the world war, Ireland gets out of “the Commonwealth”, and after a wile, IRA starts bombing England again. Some protestants goes into RUC(Royal Ulster Constabulary), which is the protestants police force in the Northern Ireland. Over 300 members have up till today been killed, and the RUC stands for 52 kills themselves, by them 30 civilians.


Things got worse and worse, and on the 2nd  “bloody Sunday”, 13 Catholics were killed when they walked into a military unit out on the street.


Many tries on a peace solution is attempted, but none works for the people of IRA and RUC. Form time to time there are succeeded armistices, but they were broken after a short time.

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