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Oscar Wild was born in Dublin, October 16th 1854. As a young student he was unpopular which his schoolmates, as a large, unganity bog with inert habits and an unfortunate fluency in devising apt acid nicknames is certain to be.


His own, which annoyed him, was Grey Crow untidy inclined to flop about, slovenly in both appearance and dress, with hands and face always in need of washing and with nails showing signs of mourning, he made no deep impression on his fellows, an soth impression as he did make was generally unfortable.


In December 1884, Oscar saild of New York to travel across the United States and deliver a series of lectures on aesthetics. The 50-lecture tour was originally scheduled yo last four months, but stretched to nearly a year, with over 140 lectures given in 260 days. Inbetwin lectures he made time to meet with Henry Longfellow,, Oliver Wendel Holmes and Walt Withman. He also arranged fore his play, Vera, to be staged in New York the following year. When he returned from Amerika, Oscar spent three moths in Paris writing a blank-verse tragedy that had been commisoned by the actress Mary Anderson. When he sent it to her, however, she turned it down. He then set of a lecture thour of Britain and Ireland. A couple of years later Oscar married Constance Lloyd. Theys marage didn’t last very long, but they still managed to get three children. Constance took the children and went to Switzerland and reverled to a old family name, “Holland”


A long time after that Bosie’s father ben sued by Oscar in April 1895 because libel as the Marquis had accused him of homosexuality. Oscar with drew his case but was himself arrested and convicted off gross indencency and sentenced to two years hard labor.

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