Fakta om øysamfunnet Pitcairn.
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  • Capital: Adamstown
  • Official Languages: English and Pitkern, a mix of English and Tahitan.
  • Total area: 5 km2
  • Population: About 50 (48 in March)
  • Currency: New Zealand dollar
  • National anthem: “Pitcairn Anthem” (Come ye Blessed) (The text is from the Bible.)
  • Pitcairn is the second largest (and the only inhabited) of the five Pitcairn Islands.
  • The Pitcairn Islands: Sandy Island, Oeno Island, Henderson Island, Ducie Island and Pitcairn.
  • The Pitcairn Islands are the last British colony in the pacific.
  • Pitcairn was originally inhabited by Polynesians, but for some reason they were gone when Pitcairn was discovered by a Portuguese in 1606.
  • Pitcairn was also discovered by England in 1769, and it got its name from the man who first spotted the island.
  • In 1790 Pitcairn was taken by the mutineers from the HMS Bounty. You can still se the shipwreck in Bounty Bay.
  • When the Brits found the mutineers in 1814, they were so impressed by their peaceful society; they decided not to arrest the mutineers.
  • The moralistic rules on Pitcairn were very strict. You weren’t allowed to dance in a public place, and nobody drank alcohol. Today you have to buy a licence every six months to be allowed to buy alcohol.

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