Kort og grei fortelling om livet til Pocahontas.
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Pocahontas was an Indian Princess, She was born in 1595. Her name was "Matoaka", but we know her better as "Pocahontas" wich means "Little Wanton."She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan who owned many tribes in the Tidewater of Virginia.


Around 1607 it came a ship with englishmen to this place, Chesapeake Bay. It is now in the stat of Virginia. It altso happend in spring on May. One of their men was Capitan John Smith. He was leading a expedition in December. The Englishmen built a settlement and named it Jamestown after King james of England. John Smith and Pocahontas first meeting was when John was captured by some Indians.


When John has his head on two large, flat stones and a Indian man with a axe in his hand, John was ready to be execute, when Pocahontas came and save his life. She pulled him to his feet. Pocahontas told her father "Powhatan" that John Smith is her friend, and Powhatan tought he is a brave and smart man, he adopted him as his son.


Three years later John Smith left Virginia. There were some quarrels between the Englishmen, and some of them has tried to shoot Smith so he decided to go back to england, to everything calms down.

When Smith left Virginia, Pocahontas married a Native American called Kocoum. We don't know much about this marrige, but we know that he should ay left her or maybe he died.


Three years later she was living singel in a little city. When the Englisgmen heard this, they decided to kidnap her to have some power over Powhatan and whole of his tribes. She was now captured, and taken to the England settlement. She was now clothing in new time and taught English and Christianity.


In 1614 Pocahontas became a Christian. She married an English man (tobacco planter) and given a new name "Rebecca." Rebecca got a baby in 1615 (Thomas Rolfe). She stayed in England and now was no more a captive. Powhatan said that he now will forget her for leaving Virginia, and he decided to make peace between England and Virginia. Rebecca was received as a Princess in London.


One day Rebecca met John Smith, no one knows what did happend. Her family decided to go to America, in the way she died, she was only 21 years old. She was buried in St. George`s Church. There is a memorial stone of her.

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