Seminole Indians

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Seminole Indians is an indigenous people from the south coast of the United States, specifically Florida and Oklahoma. The tribe was created in the 17th century, in a process with other tribes. The name Seminole means “runaway”. There are around 18,600 Seminole Indians today, and their language is English, Mikasuki and Creek.


They eat many things that we in the “normal” world isn’t used to see at the table. But in the U.S., especially among the indigenous population, it is customary to eat alligator, and turtles. Also much of bread and corn.


Here is some of their history:
In the 1700’s they started to immigrate to Florida. Which was then inhabited by the Spanish. In 1763, Florida was taken by the British, and then the slaves from Africa escaped from their masters, they often came to the Seminoles. And because of that, Americans fought against  the Seminoles in the First, Second and Third Seminoles Wars.


The First Seminole War: Spain gave The United States Florida.


The Second: One of the most costly of the United States-Indian wars. Much of the tribe surrendered and moved to Oklahoma.


The Third: started from renewed efforts to find the Seminole remnant remaining in Florida. After the war was over, over 3,000 Natives had been forced into the western territories of Arkansas and Oklahoma. As few as 300 remained in Florida.


Much of the traditional Seminole culture is dependent on a healthy ecosystem. Tribal members believe that if the land dies, so will the tribe. Seminole environmental projects are now designed to protect and preserve the land and water systems.


The Seminole call themselves the “Unconquered People”. Today they have sovereignty over their tribal lands. Their economy is based on tobacco sales, tourism, gambling and entertainment. And they were also the first to consume stone crabs, like we know them today.

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