The school system in UK

The school system in the United Kingdom is quite different from how the school system is in Norway.
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Primary School

At the age of five children attends a local school. They may also be sent to a state or coeducational school, or a high reputation or religious school.


The school time usually runs between 0900 hours and 1500 hours. They go to school from Monday to Friday for three terms and have twelve weeks of holiday.

A single teacher teaches the pupils all subjects. The teachers is also responsible for teaching them independent thought, group work and develop their social conscience, meaning to teach them how to behave well in society.


Secondary school

The students attend their secondary education at the age of eleven. They go either to a coeducational comprehensive school, a grammar school or public school (privately-operated school).


Every student has a Form Tutor who is responsible for all his or her registered children, and a Guidance teacher who he or she is responsible to the programme and students' development.


The class may run between 0845 hours and 1630 hours. They go to school from Monday to Friday for three terms and have thirteen weeks of holiday.

Higher education

The students who wish to do a higher education enter typically the university at ages seventeen and eighteen. Nowadays, students often take a gap year after leaving secondary schools.

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