The school system in USA

The school system in the United States is quite different from how the school system is in Norway.
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There is no public preschool in the United States. The federal government funds the Heart Start preschool program for children of low-income families, but most of the families are on their own with regard to finding a preschool or childcare.


Elementary School

Elementary school is also known as grade school or grammar school and is a school of the first six years. Elementary school is where the basic subjects are taught. Sometimes the schools also includes kinder garden as well. The school provides a common daily routine for all students except the most disadvantaged. The students don’t choose a course structure like they do on high school.


Junior High School

Junior High school is a school between elementary school and senior high school. It usually includes grades seven and eight, and sometimes six or nine. Other times, it includes grade nine only, allowing these students to adjust to a high school environment.


Senior High School

Senior high school is a school attended after junior high school. High school is often used instead of senior high school and distinguished from junior high school.


College or university

In the United States College or university is the four years of study at an institution of higher learning. Students traditionally apply to receive admission into college, with varying difficulties of entrance.

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